Journalism by Students of Jordan High School

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Kylee Logsdon is a junior who loves exploring and being with friends. She enjoys reading the news and staying informed. Her favorite thing to do is listen to music.
Hannah Palmer is a freshman who enjoys reading, writing, volleyball, and Mexican food. She hopes to graduate and continue a career in writing.
Jacob Moeller is a freshman who enjoys listening to music and giving his opinion, whether it's good or bad.
Emily Darger is a freshman who likes sleeping and enjoys taking photos. She also enjoys hanging out and making new friends.
Danyelle Floyd is a sophomore who enjoys writing and considers it an important element in her everyday life. She hopes to work in psychology or literature in the future.
Alyssa Payne is a freshman who likes to play volleyball, draw, and be in nature.
Shelby Carvalho is a senior who loves the mountains and a good cup of coffee. She loves her animals: a horse named Winston and a dog named Cali. She's also very passionate about photography and traveling.
Teeba Jasim is a freshman who is very independent and loves to dance.
Parker Dinsdale is a freshman who loves music, because music is his life.
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