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Senior Spotlight- Mia Harker

Mia Harker is the only senior on Jordan High’s Cheer team this year, she is also the captain. Mia has been a dancer her whole life and was even on Jordan’s Dance Company freshman year. It wasn’t until her sophomore year that Mia had considered being a cheerleader.

Cheer hasn’t always been the easiest for Mia. Freshman year she found out that she has degenerative disc disease, meaning that the discs in her back were deteriorating and don’t give her bones the cushion she needs between vertebrates. This caused Mia to sit out most of her junior year. She still has some back pain, but with hard work and a positive mindset, she has been able to get the strength she needs to return for her senior year.

“Sometimes I do feel secluded since most of my friends have either graduated or didn’t try out for the team this year, but that has just resulted in me becoming closer with other girls on the team.” says Mia. “Being the oldest on the team has its highs and lows and does make me sad sometimes. I wish I could have someone to share senior night with, but having the spotlight on me isn’t bad either.”

Teammate Blythe Harmon who is a junior says “Mia benefits the team in many ways. She is like our mom and is always so kind to everyone. Mia lightens the mood at practice and makes everyone feel welcome and cared for.”  Blythe has been on the team for 3 years with Mia. These two have grown very close and share a special bond.

“There are too many memories with Mia to pick from to choose just one, but my favorite practices are when we can goof off about everything and make fools of ourselves together.”

Heather Gooch, cheers teacher advisor, says that this is the first year in her 8 years here that there has only been one senior. “Mia has had a unique position in being our first lone senior. She has been an amazing teammate to the girls and an even better captain. She guides the team with a friendly attitude. We will miss her when she is gone.” said Gooch when asked about Mia. Gooch adores Mia and is going to miss her once this year is over.

Through the difficulties of being injured for a large portion of her career and being the only senior Mia has found support in those around her.

“My momma is my biggest support system, she has done everything and more for me. Tyler Llyod and Brandie Atchley follow close behind, they have always been there for me and have shown me nothing but kindness.” said Mia.

The thing Mia will miss most after her graduation is the school dances, she loves being able to have an excuse to dress up and get fancy. She will also miss being able to cheer under the lights every Friday night in the Fall for the football team. Mia says she wouldn’t change a thing, even if she could.


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