The Importance of Having a Job in High School

Erika Newman, Contributor

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High school is where kids start to learn a little bit about responsibility and independence. Many of the things that students start in high school, driving, dating, going to dances, etc., will cost money. Some students have part-time jobs at a fast food joint or a popular boutique, while many others participate in sports and extra-circular activities. Both can be character building and help prepare for the future in many different ways.

Lylah Newman is a former Jordan High student. She is currently attending Southern Utah University. Before Going to college, Lylah didn’t have a job. Her studies and dance took up a lot of her time and she didn’t have time for work. “If I could go back, and I didn’t have dance, then I would’ve liked to have a job. But because I had dance all throughout high school, I wouldn’t want one. I wouldn’t have had time for dance.” Lylah feels that other things prepared her for her job better than an actual job would have.

Sierra Anderson, a junior attending Jordan High, has a job. She doesn’t have the typical job that a teenager has. She babysits for close family friends. The days she works vary, but the amount she works every week stays the same. Sierra spends the money she earns on the normal teenager things. Food, entertainment, clothes, and gas. Sierra’s job is also very unique. One of the families that she babysits for has a deaf daughter. Sierra shared her thoughts on babysitting her, “I had to learn sign language and it took a lot of work but it helped me know that when I work hard, I can accomplish a lot.”

As a sophomore in high school, Ahnika Jensen works 4-5 days a week. During softball season, she only works 1-2 days a week. Even though she has to cut her hours almost in half, she still makes time for work, along with softball, school work, and hanging out with friends. Ahnika feels that a getting a job at a young age helps develop work ethic. “My job has defiantly helped me with my work ethic. I get what needs to be done, done right and on time.” She knows that having a job now is developing many qualities that will help her in the future.

Having a job in high school helps students build responsibility and individual freedom. It also helps many of them pay for things that they wouldn’t be able to have if they didn’t have a job.



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The Importance of Having a Job in High School