Easter Sunday Slaughter

Terrell Collins

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On April 16th, Easter Sunday a man named Steve Stephens was on a killing spree In Cleveland, Ohio. Stephen shot and killed a 74 year old man named Robert Godwin. After having dinner with his family Robert left to his home which was a couple minutes away from where he was. Godwin was a self -taught mechanic and helped anyone in need.

Before Godwin’s life was taken away from him his killer, Stephens, took Facebook live to express how he feels With the caption “Easter Sunday Slaughter”. Stephens mention how he was at a low point in life and how he lost everything he had gambling at local casinos. He explained how he had to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, sources say that Stephens said his main reason for the slaughter his wife Joy Lane, filed for divorce from him and his mother did not want to help him and that’s the reason why he “snapped”.

Stephens mentioned how he worked for, Beech Brook a children’s health facility, and how he helped kids with their problems but no one would help him with his. That also was a motive for him to go on the slaughter spree. He eventually went on the run and the for 2 days and made his way to Pennsylvania, where police got word that’s where he would be and put out an alert for him. He was spotted at a gas station where a lady called the police. He led them on a brief pursuit then halted his car and shot himself.

It’s said because no one will ever know the real reason on why he killed Godwin.

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Easter Sunday Slaughter