Free College in Tennessee

Makayla Biesinger, Journalist

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It’s music to everyone’s ears, “Free College.” This so happens to be the case if you are an older adult living in Tennessee. “Who is considered an older adult?” you may ask, that’s simple. Anyone over the age of 24 can qualify for free college, you can qualify if you are under the age of 24 and are legally emancipated, married, have a dependent, or serve in the military.

This program is an effort to help Governor Bill Haslam bill called “Drive to 55”. By 2025 Governor Islam wants to have 55% of working age Tennessee residents with some sort of college degree or credential beyond high school.  The program is called Tennesee Reconnect. It is designed to pick up after the Tennessee Promise leaves off. The state will fund for you to accomplish two years of community college or technical school.

The bill is called 87-6 and was passed last Thursday (April 13, 2017). Many were concerned that it would be paid for by the taxpayers, but the Tennessee Higher Education Commissions say that it will be funded by the lottery of education account. This bill is estimated to cost $11.2 million a year.

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Free College in Tennessee