Teacher Feature: Ms. Baddley

Erika Newman, Contributor

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Ms. Baddley, teacher, artist, skier, gardener, has been at Jordan High School for almost 20 years now. She teaches the painting, drawing, AP art history, and art concurrent enrollment classes. She loves teaching all of her classes, but painting has to be her favorite. Ever since she was in high school she’s wanted to teach. She’s also always wanted to teach art classes.

Ms. Baddley got her undergrad at the University of Utah and she got her graduate degree at Westminster. Her major was art and she focused on painting and drawing.

During the summer, Ms. Baddley really enjoys taking long vacations, tending to her garden, and relaxing in her hammock. Teachers need just as much of a break from school as the students do. And during the winter, she loves to take time to go up the mountains and go cross country ski.

Ms. Baddley, like mentioned before, has always wanted to be a teacher. But, if she wasn’t teaching, she would be making her own pieces of art by doing graphic design and painting.

Ms. Baddley really enjoys teaching, especially here at Jordan High. “I’ll probably be teaching for at least 10 more years, or until I drop dead.”

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Teacher Feature: Ms. Baddley