“Mr. Geoff”

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Jordan high has a lot of classes, and classes have to have teachers. Last period of B-days(known as eighth period) has a class called Makers Collective and is taught by “Mr. Geoff”. He isn’t an official teacher at Jordan high school, but he’s one of the best “teachers” here. He’s a great friend to everyone in the class, is encouraging to other students, and has a good attitude with everything.

Mr. Geoff went to the University of Utah and pursued computer engineering. Over spring break he went to Moab, Utah, and made a lot of great memories. He travels to other places often, like Colorado, Nevada, etc. His hobbies are gaming, which is very unique. His favorite video game is the Mass Effect series. It also consists of making things, such as carving, welding, and fiddling with things.
The classroom in which he teaches in is always a little messy which bugs him. He likes things organized and neat. Which says a lot about his personality. His favorite movies are What if starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan, and Star Wars: Rogue One which is a Science Fiction film/Action. The best memory he has from the school year so far is when the General of a bombing range for Hill Air Force base came and yelled at the class. “It was a great experience and hilarious” he stated. He hasn’t taught before but has been a student tutor for years. The reason for him being drawn to this class to teach is because he loves engineering and loves the class and what they do in it.

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“Mr. Geoff”