Alyssa Payne

Dylan Archuleta is like most teenage boys because he enjoys to hangout with friends and play sports. He was born on september 23 2003 in utah. He is a 9th grader or freshman at jordan high school. He is about 5’6 dark brown curly hair and green eyes with glasses. Dylan has a pretty good sized friend group trayvon, jace, chloe, alyssa, lexi, and tiyana. Trey, Alyssa, Chloe, and tiyana are some of his friends that he met this year. Jace has been one of Dylan’s closer friends since he was a kid. Lexi he has known for a long time but they have been dating for almost 2 years. Dylan also has a twin sister named kenzi she also loves sports and she plays lacrosse. Dylan has two dogs one named toka which is a really tiny dog and the other named gismo who is a bigger pitbull. He also enjoys listening to music he is more into oldies rap and newer rap. Dylan is the type of person who will always be there for someone no matter what he tries to keep everyone happy. He has always been interested in sports even as a little kid, the first sport he played was soccer. Once he was a little older in 5th grade soccer was still his sport but one of Dylan’s closer friends told him that he thinks he would be good at football too. He started watching the NFL and playing little to see what type of sport it was and said he “fell in love with it”. At 12 years old he joined the jordan football team which he is still on the team today in 9th grade. In Dylan’s first game he was scared to play “I almost started puking because i was so nervous”. The more he played the better he got “i definitely feel more comfortable, i’m more familiar with the sport and comfortable with the people around me.”. Though Dylan’s interests are completely faced towards football but if he had or wanted to play any other sport it would be basketball or boxing. Dylan says other than sports his life is pretty “boring” which is highly doubtable. Bases on his obsession with shoes if you ever see Dylan he always has a different new pair of shoes or they are always perfectly clean. Dylan won’t just wear any type of shoes though “My favorite shoe of all time is either Air Force 1s or Jordans”. Dylan didn’t always care about shoes so much until some of his friends started showing him jordans and he started to get interested and fell in love with shoes. According to dylan “that’s the most important part of the outfit.” every shoe has to match with the outfit. For example if he is wearing a black shirt and dark pants he would have to wear white shoes or black shoes. Dylan as of now owns 18 pairs of shoes overall. 

Thanksgiving is coming up very soon and it is a national holiday which means it is only celebrated throughout the nation. It is on the 4th thursday of november and it has been a holiday since 1789 and was created by the Pilgrims it was a celebration for their first successful harvest in the “New World”. Their celebration lasted about three whole days it included about 90 Native Americans and 53 Pilgrims. The English colonists or called Pilgrims would celebrate the days of thanksgiving as their religion and instead of feasting they would pray. The actual “First Thanksgiving” was held in 1621. Today for thanksgiving most families eat the traditional turkey as a main part of their meal. This was because the colonists had hunted wild turkeys during autumn of 1621 and used it as a part of their traditional meal. Ever since then turkey’s gained its traction as the thanksgiving meal of choice. They didn’t just eat turkey though there were many other things that were included clams, berries, fruit, pumpkin, squash, ham, lobster, venison, turkey, and waterfowl. Their has kinda been a change in the meal that they ate compared to the meal we eat for thanksgiving now. The most popular things that we eat in our thanksgiving meal now is turkey, stuffing, cranberries, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, sweet potatoes, and green bean casserole. In other countries thanksgiving might be a little different, in sweden they worship the sun and they dance and drink and eat they eat boiled potatoes, pickled herring, cream and dill, and wash it down with schnapps. In iceland the festival honors the Norse god Thor and they eat cured meats and fish, a dense, sweet rye bread called “rugbraud”, and a icelandic aquavit infused with caraway called “brennivin their main dish though is greenland shark that is buried in a hole for several weeks and then hung to dry for 4-5 months. In Hong Kong they try to stay warm in the winter nights by eating a bowl of traditional snake soup, it is so pose to be a “warming” food that heats the body and properly known as “yang” in chinese to counteract the “yin” of the cold season. Bermudians don’t necessarily have to worry about keeping themselves warm during this time but it does not mean they don’t celebrate the bermudians eat a meat pie called cassava pie as their celebration. The russians worship the sun during this time eating crepe like pancakes served with caviar, mushrooms, jam, sour cream, and of course, lots of butter. So as you can see everyone can celebrate the same holiday but in their own religion or way. Some people can celebrate these things in similar or completely different ways than others. It all depends on who your family is and what you believe in to celebrate a holiday. Almost everyone celebrates thanksgiving with their own types of religious food or dances or traditions. Most american family celebrate by having a huge family feast together.

Survey of Jordan High School Sock habits coming soon.

At Jordan High School we have many about 32 clubs all for people with different interests and to
experience. If you attend this school then it is also really easy to start a club the only thing is you
have to have a participating teacher. One of the clubs that is going to be focusing on this month
is “Diggers For Change” that is ran by Mallory Record. She is a social studies teacher at Jordan
High School and is liked by many students she is also a very good club manager. My first step
in learning about what the club was I started asking a few students in my class if they knew
anything about it or if it was a effective or helpful club. Mostly all the students I asked said that it
was a well run club and in their opinion it is positively affecting the students that are in it. The
next thing I had to do was interview Mallory so I could get all the information from someone who
really knows how the club runs. Mallory told me everything I needed to know about her club I
figured out the her club is a service a leadership club. This club was made to help the people
and improve our community little by little. For example they went downtown and fed the
homeless they also help with the schools food pantry and clothes closet. As Mallory said in her
interview this club is to “help young females that want to gain leadership and potential”. This
club has been going on for about 3 years now they have about “20 active members and over 70
signed up people”. They meet every thursday at Jordan in room L204 she likes the way her club
is but if she could change anything about it she would want to plan more events. In my opinion
this is a very good club and i would recommend joining if you are interested in helping other and
bettering our school and community. If you would like to join this club you can go to Mallory
Records room (L204) you can also go online and sign up through jordans website.
Edward R. Murrow was born on April 25, 1908, in Polecat Creek, North Carolina
which was near Greensboro. He moved to washington state when he was younger and
grew up there. Once he got older he spent some of his summer breaks working on a
surveying crew in the region. Then he went to Washington State University and studied
“political science, speech and international relations” and then graduated in 1930. Also
in 1930 he changed his job and was going to work for the “International Institute of
Education” as an assistant director. He actually changed his name at one point in his life
from Egbert to Edward. In 1935 he was off a job by CBS to serve as its director of talks
and he accepted it. He moved to London, England two years later to become the head
of its operations in Europe.
After that he went on to began his career in journalism. Then Germany invaded
Austria in 1938 and he charted a plane to Vienna, Austria, where he covered the event
for CBS. He soon developed a network of correspondents to help him report on the
growing conflict in Europe. His team, sometimes called “Murrow’s boys,” included
William L. Shirer and Eric Sevareid. He then became a fixture on American radio during
World War II. During late 1939 to early 1940, he risked life and limb to report on the
bombing of London. He transmitted his reports from a rooftop instead of an
underground shelter and was able to make the blitz real for listeners across the pond.
As poet Archibald MacLeish said, according to The New Yorker, Murrow “burned the
city of London in our houses and we felt the flames that burned it.” Edward also was the
first to incorporate ambient sound into his broadcasts, allowing listeners to hear the
news happening. Murrow’s coverage of the war made him an American media hero
however, he struggled to find his footing.
He served as a vice president of CBS working with public affairs office for a time.
Joining forces with Fred Friendly, in the late 1940s, Murrow began a series of
recordings called Hear It Now which would be later be adapted for an emerging medium
television. Murrow told the story of a soldier who was removed from the military
for being a security risk, he was deemed a risk because his father and his sister had
leftist political leanings. After the story appeared on See It Now, the soldier was
reinstated. Murrow made history by taking on McCarthy directly, he did what many had
been afraid to do. Those who were considered to be communists often ended up being
blacklisted and unable to find work. But Murrow showed a softer side with his interview
show Person to Person. He met with celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and talked with
them in their homes. After See It Now was canceled in 1958 he launched a short-lived
news discussion show Small World. He then continued to make a few documentaries
for the network’s CBS Reports program.
In 1961, Murrow left CBS to join the administration of President John F.
Kennedy, where he served as director of the U.S. Information Agency until 1964. He
was forced to resign because of health. He was a very heavy smoker for much of his life
Murrow discovered that he had lung cancer. President Lyndon B. Johnson awarded him
the Medal of Freedom in 1964. Queen Elizabeth II named Murrow an honorary knight
commander of the Order of the British Empire. He died a short time later in Pawling, a
town in Dutchess County, New York, on April 27, 1965.
Jake wakes up in a jail cell sitting next to Edward he looks over at him and sees a huge gash on his upper right arm. He tries to think what happened yesterday and why he’s in a cell, he remembers going out to the bar with Edward, Jenessa, and Becca. He also remembers him and edward being kicked out of the bar for yelling at a older grumpy guy. The last thing he can
remember is having a bloody knife in his hand and edward was looking at him with the most terrified look. Then he decided to wake edward up to ask him what happened so he looked over
at him and saw a huge gash on his arm so, he pushed him a little until he sat up.
He was obviously in pain from his arm, when he looked at jake and said “why the hell would you do that our whole lives are ruined were gonna be in jail forever.”
Jake look at edward and tried to explain to him that he didn’t really remember what happened. Edward looked him in the eyes and told him “we were at the bar and got in a fight with this older guy because he was trying to get at Becca and you started yelling at him so the manager ask us to take it outside so me you and the
guy went out into the parking lot and you pushed him and the he pulled out a knife and right before he could do anything i went to go push you out of the way and he cut my arm open and once you saw that you pulled out your pocket knife and ran at the guy and then we stood there while he was bleeding out and someone in their car called the cops on us so then we ended up
here” he said it something he could never forget.
Jake just sat there in shock thinking how he could do this he would never in his mind want to hurt someone.
Dear edward,
I know we haven’t talked for many years last time i saw you we were in court and you got taken away. I wanted to write you a letter
sometime before you get out and I know you’ve already been in therefor almost 18 years and I know i pretty much ruined your life.
I honestly just wanted to apologize for making you take the blame. I know now is the worst time to apologize and you probably won’t accept my apology but I can’t live with myself knowing I put you in
that place. I was gonna come see you but i guessed you would refuse so i haven’t but i know i should at least try. We use to be so close and i miss that, i never really appreciate your friendship till I knew what
my life was without it. After that night i haven’t been the same and idk why i would lie in the courtroom just to save myself that’s not me
and you know that idk what i was thinking but i want to say im sorry for everything.
Dear Jake
I haven’t talked to you or even tried to contact you for so many years because you don’t understand how much you tore my life apart. If you ever think i’m going to accept your petty apology you are so wrong. Do i need to remind you of what you did to me? How messed up you were to me. When i was the one that took the gash in my arm so you didn’t get hurt. I still have a damn scar from that. You were the one that actually killed him and you know that but obviously will never admit it. I don’t want you in my life when i get out. I don’t ever want to talk to you again my family refuses to
accept me back into their lives because of something you did. You made me lose
everything just because you didn’t want to take the blame. All you got was 1 year and community service and i got 20 year in this place while the whole time you’ve been free. You can just keep living your life but just know i will never accept your apology and you have to live with the fact that you killed someone and ruined your bestfriends life and
your a terrible person.
as I walk out my house in the morning i take a deep breath and say it’s ok,
I get out of my moms car walking into the school and go straight to the bathroom,
i look at myself in the mirror as i stand there with my mind racing in insecurities i take a
deep breath and say it’s ok,
i go to my class and i sit there and see all the people looking at me and i start to fill with
my stomach beings to twist with anxiousness, so i put my head down and think of
something that makes me happy
the teacher begins to get frustrated with me because i am not doing the assignment which
starts my anxiety all over again
I sit my head up and look at the computer in front of me my mind is racing with thoughts so
when i try and type my mind goes blank
I write two sentences on the document and class ends, i walk out and go straight to the
i look at myself in the mirror noticing all my flaws that i saw this morning are more
noticeable so my mind begin to fill with sadness as i walk out of the bathroom
but i put a smile on and walk down the hallway, as i’m walking i see all these girls with
flawless body’s and perfect makeup and perfect hair
all these questions running through my head, why can’t i be like those girls? why am i so
ugly compared to them? i don’t get why guys would even look at me or like me when these
other girls are so much better? is it just me?
i get to my next class and sit there and try everything i can to bring my anxiety down and try
not to think about everything filling my mind
during this class i start to slowly calm down but still fighting the urge to cry over everything
but at the same time it’s over nothing i just say in my mind over and over again it’s ok till i feel
after this class i use to call my best friend to meet up at lunch so we could hangout but i
remember we’re not really friends anymore
I walk around till i can find someone to hangout with because i don’t wanna be alone i find a
group of kids that i met in middle school
even though i’m having fun and laughing with them i still know in the back of my mind that
they probably don’t even like me and i’m only with them because i don’t wanna sit alone and
have people judge me but i think to myself it’s ok
after lunch ends i go to my next class and sit there my mind all the sudden blank nothing
worrying me nothing stressing me out and i feel so calm
the teacher begins to tell us that we have to do an assignment with someone in our class so
after she tells us what to do the whole class scrambles and finds their friends to work with but i
don’t even bother to stand up because i don’t wanna walk around annoy people to see if they
wanna be my partner
i’m one of the only kids in the class without a partner which makes me sad but i just do my
assignment alone i’d rather it be that way anyways
after i finish my assignment i turn it in and play on my phone for the rest of class thinking to
myself it’s ok
I walk out of the class and rush to my last period, this is usually the point in my day when i
start to feel better because i know after this class i get to go home
the class is going good until i look over and see people looking at me and even though in
the back of my mind i know they aren’t being rude but my mind jumps straight to the conclusion
that their making fun of me
i sit there shaking my foot on the floor to try and calm myself down, this class finally ends i
felt like it’s been sitting there for hours even though it was only minutes
i walk out of the class and down the hall to go find my brother, he’s standing with all his
friends at the front of the school
i try to get my brother to leave as fast as possible because i know i just want to be home,
home in my mind is safe because i have no one to judge me and i usually have nothing
stressing me out
i wait in my room till around 6 cuz that’s when my mom gets home, she calls me and my
brother up stair and asks how our day was i simply just say it was good every time so she
doesn’t think i’m sad
then i wait till about 8 when my dad gets home and he asks the same question and i say the
same answer i told my mom
around this time i usually go down into my room turn on some music go to sleep telling
myself it’s ok
then i wake up the next day and do it all over again…
Mr. Olsen was born on August 22nd 1963 and actually grew up in hawaii. Even though
he is a more lenient teacher everyone knows he’s intelligent and he always has something
inspiring to say in class. A lot of people i know that are smart only went to one maybe two but Mr.Olsen he went to three colleges The University of Hawaii, The University of Utah, and Full Sail University and got all of his degrees.
After college he needed a job and just decided to choose teaching even though he didn’t
really want to be a teacher that’s what he chose. He said he wanted to be a DJ on the radio but didn’t really know how because it not as popular as it use to be. He has been a teacher for 22 years now. He was also a principal for a little bit but became a teacher again.
He has been working at Jordan High for 8 years now and he enjoys his job as much as he can.  I asked him what has changed from when he first started teaching to now, he said “Not much has changed with the school and learning but the students have changed a lot especially with technology”.
Everyone that knows Mr. Olsen knows that he is very easy going and kind but
he says those are his weaknesses as a person and a teacher. I ask him if he could go back in time and change something about his life what would it be and he said he would want to learn different languages because he has all these degrees but he doesn’t know a different language
and it makes him mad.
Even though he is a teacher i asked him if he had any other jobs and he said “Yes I
deliver snacks for a company called Snack Dash.” I thought this was pretty interesting because he said he actually delivers snacks to our canyons school districts office.
Now if you didn’t know Mr. Olsen has a fiance and he actually proposed to  at the
school. He said they met because she visited his class as a student at the university of Utah, and he proposed to her at a poetry slam at school.
Mr. Olsen does have some interesting hobbies though, he likes reading, brewing beer, and watching T.V. After he retires he want to move out of Utah to live by the ocean and get a dog to walk on the beach with.
Step one: Make sure you are motivated enough
Before you want to start a photography career make sure you are going to be patient or motivated enough to learn and know how to take professional pictures. It is not just a week long hobby, if you want to know how to take good pictures it might take longer than a few weeks. In the end it will be worth it but as of now its going to take some work.
Step two: Get Information
Before you want to start getting into taking pictures yourself you need to know how. If your wondering how to get information some ideas are you can take to a photographer you know or don’t know and ask them anything you want to know before you start. If you don’t have a photographer you can talk to you can go online and look up videos about what types of things you have know. Also if you are in highschool you can go to one of the photography teachers and even ask them questions.
Step three: Start learning how to take pictures
To start learning you can start by taking pictures on your phone or a professional camera. Another way to start getting into it is taking a photography class throughout high school, the class teaches you how to use a professional camera. It also teaches you how to
make pictures have different effects. You could also take a journalism class and be the photographer for the school newspaper.
Step four: Start learning how to edit pictures
Sometimes you need to fix a few thing in the pictures you take so you have to know how. You can get editing apps on your phone/ipad/computer to start off learning with. The more you learn how to use the easier editing tools then you can move onto more in depth editing by using
photoshop and other thing similar to that.
Step five: Find your taste
There is a lot of things to take pictures of and you need to find out what kinda pictures interest you. You can take picture of sunsets or sports games or family events or weddings or
people skating and being active. There are so many things to take pictures of so you need to have either a select few or one or all types of picture in order to find out your uniqueness in
being a photographer.
Step six: find the right camera for you
Now that your this far and have learned a lot about the basics you need to find a camera that suits you. Not everyone likes the same setting and lenses and other thing that you may be
more comfortable with. A camera is one of the main parts to being a good photographer because if you have really good skill but a crappy camera your work won’t be noticed as easy
as if you showed off your skills by using a good camera.
Step seven: practice!!!
Now you just need to practice as much as you can finding out what pictures you are better at taking. The more you practice the better you will get so this is one of the most important steps.
Step eight: Make yourself noticed
In order for people to notice you you have to get yourself out there. You could maybe
start a social media page or website showing what you can do. The more you push people too look at your work the more opportunities you will get. If you just keep your work to yourself you
may not be able to have a career staring photography.
Step nine: Make your price
If people like your work their going to either want to buy it or have you take pictures for them. You need to have prices on the work your going to sell and the pictures you’re going to
take for others. I wouldn’t recommend starting off with outrages prices or else you aren’t going to get profit off of this. You should start with lower prices and the more popular you get you
slowly raise your price expectation.
Sandy, UT
A safe family and friends environment
The sixth largest city in utah state
Population is about 96,145
If I do come to sandy utah what could I do with my family or friends around here…
Well I can tell you exactly where to go
Day at the park…
If you and your family want to go to a nice park in sandy you can go to lone peak park.
There is a skate park for all ages but still always wear your helmet.
Right outside of the skate park gates is a little kid friendly park.
Right next to the little park is a big wooden pavilion that is split in the middle by a smaller building that you can rent out to have birthday party or other events in it.
If you walk on the cement path about half way through the soccer field there is smaller pavilions with a bigger park and a baseball field next to it and a soccer field with a pavement road to walk or run along.
Mountain fun!!!
Utah has many beautiful mountain views…
The best way to get a beautiful view is if you go hiking and once you reach the destination or end of the hiking spot there’s usually a waterfall.
For example these place are close and fun for anyone…
○ Rocky mountain waterfall
○ Rocky Mouth Trailhead
○ 11248 Wasatch Blvd, Sandy, UT 84092
○ Lower Bell Canyon Reservoir
○ Bells canyon waterfall
Lunch timeee!!!
Looking for yummy places to eat with the family consider some of these.
○ Los Garcia
○ The Philadelphian
○ Philly food
○ Olive garden
○ Cafe Rio
○ South town mall food court
Other fun things to do
Want some other fun things to do with the family?
○ South town mall
○ Rio tinto stadium
○ Jordan commons
Looking to live out in sandy?
Well if you have kids they need to go to school so let me tell you the good schools around here.
○ Edgemont elementary school
○ Alta View elementary school
Middle school:
○ Mount Jordan middle
○ Eastmont middle school
High school: 
○ Jordan high school
○ Alta high school
Treyvon Griggs or WGB trey the rapper in progress born on September 7th, 2003 in salt lake city. His whole childhood was revolved around music. His dad is one of the bigger reasons he is interested in making music.
While he was growing up his dad was a rapper and he was one of trey ́s biggest role models. As he said in the interview “i definitely always looked up to my dad, watching him in the studio and seeing how he works has always influenced me ̈.
His top goal is making music and releasing his first song before 2019 end and an album by 2020. He has been writing music ̈for as long as he can remember ̈ if he is writing a song for fun it can take him as little as 10-20 minutes to write. But if he is writing a song that he is really into and cares about it can take his days weeks and even months.
He doesn’t have certain music that he likes because all interest him but what he listened to most is hip hop and r&b. His top favorite rappers are J cole, Kendrick lamar, and SOB.
Although music is a big part of his life that’s not all he does as he said in the interview ̈I likes hanging out with friends, and spending time with family, they are the ones that influences my music, they are what keeps me going and keep pursuing my dream of being a rapper. ̈
Treyvon is a goofy friend who can have your back through anything but he could also be your worst enemy. All he asks for in a friendship is loyalty and respect and he’ll give you the same.
His whole dream is be become a rapper and do music for as long as he can because thats what makes him happy his whole life is about music. As Treyvon said in the interview ̈i just want people to know, music is more than just a sound or people talking over a beat, there’s a story behind every song, so whenever people listen to my music i want them to really listen to the words i’m saying so they can paint this picture in their head of what i’m saying ̈.
He wants to be the type of rapper that uses their music for good and uses it to help people through their problem if they relate to him. His music is coming soon so if you know him at school give him your support.
Weed, ganja, Marijuana, Buddha, trees, pot, bud, the devils lettuce, there are many names for this flower that many adore. Why would someone adore a flower? Well it’s not just any flower or plant it actually has many good uses. It can be used to help chronic pain, muscle spasms, epileptic seizure, lung problems, and helps stop spreading cancer in your body.
A group of scientist have proven the study that chronic pain, muscle spasms, and epileptic seizures are actually the main reason people request medical marijuana. Weed is known for helping people with muscle spasms that related with multiple sclerosis and works better than almost any prescribed medication. There isn’t as much research done on weed helping with seizures but many many people say its the only thing that controls their or their kids seizures.
There is good amounts of studies that show weed does not hurt your lung and it might even help your lungs. If you smoke weed and tobacco then the tobacco will harm your lungs over time but the weed wont. As it says in the article ́23 health benefits of marijuana ‘ written by Kevin Loria ̈Researchers looking for risk factors of heart disease tested the lung function of 5,115 young adults over the course of 20 years. Tobacco smokers lost lung function over time, but pot users actually showed an increase in lung capacity. ̈
Last thing that most people know is that weed helps a lot of people who suffer from cancer. Many people think that it just cures cancer but they don’t know how. Well the weed makes it so the cancer stops spreading in your body which makes it easier to get rid of. Weed also stops harsh brain tumors from spreading throughout your body.
Those are the more popular reason why people buy medical marijuana but, it can also help with things such as insomnia, depression, and anxiety. It helps with these things because of the calming stress free feeling it gives you.
If you don’t know what insomnia is it is basically when you can’t sleep and a lot of people who have sleeping problems they’ll take melatonin or other medicine. The problem with that is if you take too much melatonin your body will actually stop producing it itself which causes your sleeping problems to be worse.
Weed has different types for different uses for example cbd is used to help chronic pain and thc is more seductive and gives you more of a high feeling.
I don’t really get why weed is illegal because if you look at all these benefits plus many many more that weren’t mentioned. When people smoke weed they are relaxed and calm, but when some drinks the 100% legal alcohol they can get violet and outrageous. It just doesn’t make sense to make something harmful legal and something un-harmful illegal.
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