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If you’re a scary-movie buff and are craving some spine-chilling horror-flicks this Halloween season, look no further than this article. From Slasher films to psychological thrillers, horror movies are special because they poke and prod at our inner fears, spark our imagination and deliver intense adrenaline rushes. The following is a list of horror movies meant to entice spooky vibes, the first being “not-so-scary”  and the last being  “sleep with the lights on”. Hopefully, your creepy season will be a little more hair-raising after watching these eerie motion pictures.

1) Ghostbusters, 1984 [PG]

                                    A staple in everyone’s childhood, Ghostbusters is a classic must-watch during the month of October. Between the screaming librarian in the beginning to the giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, this film has just enough scenes to make you jump, but even more scenes that’ll make you laugh – making it the perfect movie to ease you into a horror movie marathon.

2) Jaws, 1975 [PG]

                                    A classic, this movie shines on throughout the decades, giving each generation its share of people with shark phobias. With more jump scares than Ghostbusters, this movie is definitely a step-up into your scary-movie marathon. You’re not gonna need a bigger boat but perhaps a bigger bowl of popcorn.

3)The Silence of the Lambs, 1991 [R]

This mystery/psychological thriller movie will definitely give you

chills. While there are no “jump scares” or really gory scenes, Silence of the Lambs plays with the viewer’s mind and deep-rooted fears. What makes this movie stand out isn’t the theatrics, it’s the fact that the “bad guys” of the movie (Dr.Hannibal ‘the Cannibal’ Lecter and Buffalo Bill) are based on real people and events. Most of the time when we see a scary movie, we leave the monsters on the screams, but this film shed light on the monsters in our own society, which is what really scares viewers.

4) The Shining, 1980 [R]

                                    A classic Stephen King movie, based on the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO., The Shining isn’t exactly “horrifying” as much as it is unsettling. From the beginning to the end, you’re figuratively walking on a tight-rope of suspense waiting for something super scary to arise, but it never does. Instead, you’re left in a deep thought, thinking about the all-too-real possibility of this happening. Much like the Silence of the Lambs, The Shinning is more so a psychological thriller which provokes deep-rooted human fears of isolation, versions of reality, the concept of time, and fear of going insane.

5) IT, 2017 [R]

                        Yet another Stephen King movie, the newest IT graciously gifts the audience with several suspenseful scenes and jump-scares, all while including comedic relief from the kid actors starring in the film. Set in the late eighties, the story follows seven kids who try to take down a supernatural serial killer named Pennywise the Dancing Clown who only appears once every so many years to feed on the youth of Derry, Maine.  This film is bound to give you goosebumps and maybe even make you jump a little.

6)The Blair Witch Project, 1999 [R]

                                    This movie is CREEPY. All filmed as if the footage had been found ‘after the fact’, which made it one of kind when it was first released as a independent film at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. The plot is based around a documentary that a young college girl was making with the help of two other guys about the local tall tale of “the Blair Witch”. The majority of the film is set in the forest of Maryland and focuses on the groups encounter with strange happenings in the woods around them. While there isn’t any gore or deeper meaning, the whole movie is simply eerie and deeply unsettling. One thing is for sure, you’ll NEVER want to step foot into your basement after watching this. 

           7) A Quiet Place, 2018 [PG-13]

                                    I would highly recommend watching this with a big fuzzy blanket to grip onto. This film defines the word suspense as there is hardly any noise or words spoken throughout the entire thing. Based on a post-apocalyptic plot, the characters have to learn to live without sound for fear of being eaten by aliens which have overrun the world.

                    8) Halloween, 2018 [R]

                                    The cinematics are outstanding, the plot connected to the original 1978 Halloween and Jami Lee Curtis remained the haunted sister of Michael Myers. While die-hard Halloween fans are bummed about it not connecting to the Twentieth Anniversary movie (H20) and just to the first one, they remain content with the portrayal of Michael Myers. Without losing an ounce of his ruthless and merciless persona, filmmakers nailed the terrifying elements that this movie called for. As well as giving Jamie Lee Curtis’s character, Laurie Strode, the epic revenge she had long since been anticipating. 10/10 would recommend.

I sincerely hope you enjoy these movies, as they are art in their own special ways. Experiment and see if your personal opinions of these films match my list of “not-so-scary” to “sleeping with the lights on”. If you’re feeling even gutsier, other movies I urge you to watch are The Conjuring (1&2), The Nun, Annabelle (1&2) and The Lost Boys. With Halloween peeking around the corner, I suggest you go ahead and start that scary-movie marathon before Christmas movies blow up every T.V. channel at 12:01 on November first.

           Coffee shops seem to be popping up left and right in the Sandy – Draper area of Utah. Recently, I’ve visited three very different coffee shops in Sandy and have come to several conclusions which I hope will help guide other caffeine-addicted peers and teachers to their next coffee fix.

            If you’re looking for a small, intimate place to kick it for the afternoon I’d suggest going to the Honeysuckle Co. on 700 E and 8745 S. Around the time that a friend and I went, only one person was behind the counter cleaning some dishes. She was amiable yet professional upon greeting us and taking our order. We had ordered two coffees and a sandwich, they took about 15 minutes to come out which in all honesty was slightly frustrating because we were on our way to an event nearby. The sandwich (a tuna sandwich) was actually pretty good, in fact, they had a wide variety of food and pastry options (which were very difficult to resist). On the other hand, the coffee was mediocre. The decorative foam on top led me to believe I was about to sip a sweet, vanilla flavored latte, but I was struck with disappointment when it just tasted… bland and moderately bitter. Overall, the food was great, the atmosphere was cozy and chic and the coffee was OK. (Side Note: in the back was a partly secluded kid’s play area which I thought was pretty neat.) I would recommend this coffee shop to anyone who isn’t in a time crunch and wants a quiet place to get some work done.

            The next place is an oldie but a goodie in the eyes of many teens and hipsters in Sandy. Sunset Coffee Company, which sets in the back of a shopping complex along 1300 E,  overlooks the valley and has an amazing view of the sunset (hence the name) from the back patio/balcony area. The service is typically pretty quick, which is super helpful if you’re always in a rush like me. The staff is comprised of young adults who are the kind of people that genuinely want to know how you’re day is going. While one could make the argument that their coffee menu is limited, the only limitations are the ones that the customer sets, meaning they’re pretty flexible with any customizations you ask for including the type of milk you’d prefer. The downside to their menu is that the only food available is your choice between 2 or 3 types of muffins. My ‘usual’ at Sunset is a frozen Voldemort – a blended caramel and vanilla drink with drizzled caramel along the sides –  I highly recommend it for folks who have a sweet tooth and need a pick-me-up.  While the interior doesn’t scream “boho coffee shop” as the Honeysuckle does, it has an undeniable “plain jane” 90’s vibe that is a beacon to all those who are tatted-up with vapes, converse, and plaid clothing. Sunset Coffee Company will always be a solid favorite amongst the younger generations because of the coffee, atmosphere, and individuals that go there.

            If one is looking for a modern yet artsy place to get work done and have their coffee, all while staying within a 5-mile radius of Jordan High School, I would highly recommend “The Bean Yard”. This new coffee shop is just right off of 700E and 9400S near the Deseret Industries Donation Center. The interior is spacious and very clean with two large rooms in the back that feature local art and large windows that look out on to the rest of the coffee shop. When my sister and I visited, we were greeted very kindly upon walking in at 7:20 in the morning. The two people working were helpful and easy-going. The first thing that caught my eye was the ‘glass slow drip cold brew coffee tower’ lingering against the wall behind the cash register. I was very impressed to see such an intricate piece of equipment behind the counter,and in all honesty, it added to the unique ambiance of the coffee shop. Now, to move on to the aspects that make or break the place: the coffee. I ordered a Dirty Chai Latte, expecting it to be bitter and overly spiced like most places, but I was pleasantly surprised when it tasted just like a Chai latte should. Not overly spiced, not too sweet, but just right. As far as food goes, they had quite a variety. I ordered a breakfast crossiant with scrambled eggs and tomatoes within the croissant. It came out beautifully, but I was disappointed when the taste didn’t deliver the same “awe” effect as the looks. The croissant was buttery, but the contents had absolutely zero flavors. All in all,  I would definitely go back to The Bean Yard, especially to indulge in the slow-drip cold brew coffee, but next time I’ll be sure to pick something else to eat.

            As you, the reader, proceed with your daily “to dos” of life, be wise to remember what the Comedian Jerry Seinfeld says, “We want to do a lot of stuff; we’re not in great shape. We didn’t get a good night’s sleep. We’re a little depressed. Coffee solves all these problems in one delightful little cup.” Go ahead and skip the line at Starbucks. You’ll be supporting a local business, all while getting that much-needed head-start for the day.

Valentines Day in 1985 was when Ana Maria’s feet touched American soil for the first time. “When I arrived, I saw so many hearts I thought they were for me!” chuckled Ana. “I couldn’t kiss the ground but I kissed the flag as I walked out of the plane.”  She was 27 (and a half) years old when she migrated alone to the US and she’s never looked back.  Reluctant to about Brazil, Ana was eager to move to the next topic of discussion: life as an American.

November 8th, 2005 was a day like no other for Ana Maria – she had become an official United States citizen. This was a big deal as she’s encountered some very profound incidences before becoming an official citizen. The first incident happened when Ana and her friend Connie went to Brazil while Ana had a student visa and was attending Salt Lake Community College. Ana describes the experience: “In 1987, I got a Christmas present that allowed me to go back and visit Brazil with my friend Connie in January. Before we went, I called a hundred million times to Immigration to ensure that I could go and return with no problems. After traveling all over Brazil, having fun, saying hello and goodbye to my family, “they” stopped me.” Ana’s voice strained as she said, “They didn’t let me go. I had to say goodbye to my friend who was in tears because she felt responsible. I went back to Immigration and they said that I could come back in 6 years to see if I could return. I was stuck in Brazil with the plane ticket that was going to expire in one month. Do you know who helped me?” She said proudly, ”Orrin Hatch. Connie’s mother was close to the Senator, who actually called Brazil several times in an effort to get me back home.” Ana was finally able to return to the US before the expiration of the plane ticket AND meet Orrin Hatch.

The second incident occurred when Ana was in the process of getting a Green Card. The lawyer that Ana and her sister, Conce were working with told them to be careful and not get caught by Immigration services, otherwise, they’d be deported back to Brazil and the Green card process would be even longer. Unfortunately, a list of illegal immigrants was sent to the Department of Immigration and Ana and Conce’s names were on it. Ana describes a hectic situation that resulted from this.”It was in the middle of the night, Conce and I called our landlord, packed up our stuff in a U-Haul and escaped.” Sadly, this crisis put a halt on a business that was just beginning to boom for Ana and her friend Connie.  The business was based around Ana Maria’s artistic ability to paint incredible images on to white shoes. The success she encountered included working a booth in Fashion Place Mall for a while, traveling to San Diego and selling a line of shoes through a well-known designer (where she actually sold a pair to Sylvester Stallone’s kid!) and finally traveling nationwide to art festivals.

Art wasn’t her only passion. Music and singing played a huge role in her early years as an immigrant. She was in a band called the “The Magic Four” and together they would sing all over Salt Lake City as well as in competitions (one time placing second in the ‘Latin American Festival’). A talented keyboardist approached the “Magic Four” and began playing with them until he was offered a contract in Miami, Florida. Ana recalls him calling her privately to say, ”Listen, I have this contract, I want to go, but I need you. I can’t afford to bring your sister.” Grateful for the offer, Ana declined. She knew couldn’t leave her sister and run away to Miami with some guy. Despite the rejection, Ana continues to sing regularly and hopes to eventually start a YouTube channel of her singing with her sister.  While Ana plans to revisit Brazil one day, she is hesitant because the country is currently drowning in governmental corruption and crime rates are far above what Ana ever experienced while living there. When asked what her feelings are towards Brazil’s current situation, Ana solemnly responded, ”It’s kind of sad, I feel scared for my own country because it’s different than it was before. I feel like I am a tourist there.”

All in all, Ana Maria Carvalho is more patriotic than most United State’s born Americans. Thanksgiving is her favorite American Tradition, primarily because it is the beginning of the Holidays. Her most fond memory in the United States is the moment she met Mickey Mouse. “I was like a little kid! We danced, it was like a dream.” Her most fond memory in Brazil was in 2007 when she got to travel there with her nieces. She describes her initial impression of Americans as “You guys were just like the Movies! So many ways to express yourselves, it was like I was in Hollywood in an ‘80s sitcom.”

It would seem that the older we get, the more trouble we have deciding what to do with our friends. Often times we get caught in a conversation that sounds similar to this, “What do you wanna do?”, “I don’t know man, what do you wanna do?”, “Beats me, what sounds fun?”. This game can go on for hours and we all know it. Lucky for you all, I might just have the answer to you and your friends’ dilemma.

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about social groups in high school, it’s that each group of friends has their own unified personalities. There are those groups who enjoy sitting around a campfire or coffee shop just talking, while there are others who like to get out and do group activities. Perhaps for you and your friends, It simply depends on the day. Either way, I’ve put together a small list of fun activities to help avoid the inevitable conversation mentioned above.

Now, for those friend groups who enjoy more relaxed activities, I highly suggest setting your alarm clocks for 6 am to take a drive. Specifically a “sunrise” drive. I recently did this activity last Saturday with a friend and we witnessed the most amazing sunrise, which was even more amazing due to the freshly fallen snow along the Wasatch Front. To watch the golden hue of the sun’s rays slowly illuminate the valley and create intense contrasting colors along the curves of Kennecott Mine was breathtaking. The route that I took was really an adventurous “loop drive” which began in emigration canyon, included a gorgeous view of Little Dell Resivour and ended with a beautiful drive down Parleys Canyon. The drive itself takes about an hour and a half, especially if y’all park in the overlook area that’s above the Little Dell Resivour. After exiting Parley’s Canyon, we took the I-215 exit, then the Union Park Avenue exit and made our way to Sunset Coffee Company for a warm ‘cup of joe’. The simplicity of this outing is so perfect, especially if it’s accompanied with PJs and a good playlist.

The next thing that I recommend as a large group activity is paintballing. I went recently on a Sunday and had a blast. We went to Utah Xtreme Paintball on 7050 400 W. The “arena” was really gross and slippery, but I feel like that added to the fun. The one thing I disliked was the silence in the facility while the tournament was in session, it would’ve been more intense had there been rock n’ roll music playing. I would recommend going with a large group of people, otherwise, the procession of the games is very slow and not as exciting. It’s important to note that getting hit hurts a whole lot less than if you’re wearing full-body clothing such as pants, a long-sleeve shirt, and shoes with a good grip. Lastly, It’s a little pricey and you have to be very conscious of the number of paintballs you purchased because they get used very quickly. Other than that, I highly recommend trying it out!

Hopefully, these two activities will be of use to you and your friends the next time the conversation of “what should we do now” comes up.

For those who love art, regardless of one’s “artistic ability”, the art club is for you. Meeting every Tuesday, after school in room F115 (Mrs.Baddley’s room), the Jordan High Art Club does different artistically inspired activities in order to motivate fellow students to think beyond the four grey walls of their other classes and get creative. Some of these “activities” include making Tie-dye shirts and decorating gingerbread houses.

With Brooklyn Castillo as the Club’s president, there’s never a dull moment and everyone who attends is welcomed on their first day to Art Club with a warm smile and a kind word. Castillo describes the “point” of Art Club as a way to help her peers, “…make friends who have similar interests and just have fun!”

Lucky for any interested folks, there aren’t any pre-requisite requirements other than obtaining a club permission slip and paying a $5 fee to the office. Also worth mentioning is the fact that all club members are invited to go on a field trip to the Springville Museum of Art in late March/early April to support the artwork of Jordan Students and marvel at the artwork of others from schools around the state.

Further into the year, the Club participates in creating a grand mural which YOU could be apart of! To see what the club is up to throughout the year, I highly suggest following their Instagram page @jhs_artclub.

Other info: The Club was founded by Blythe Harmon in 2017 and currently there are about 30 members.

Hopefully, as a student of Jordan High School, you give this club an opportunity to allow you to participate in some fun, student-driven events. Because while sitting at home and watching Netflix is great, socializing with some of the most creative minds at Jordan is even better.

The topic I chose to write about is the effects that mass food production has on
the environment. American society is ignorant to the effects that our diet has on the
environment. This issue interests me because I plan to study environmental science in
college, and as depressing as it is, learning about pollution and possible solutions has
always sparked an interest in me. The purpose of this paper is to allow readers to become knowledgeable about the consequences of their dietary choices. After reading this, you as the reader are free to make your own, informed decisions.
Before I did research, these are the things I could tell the reader about the food industry off the top of my head; Each individual cow can produce 70 to 120 lbs of methane in one day, antibiotics fed to cattle and other sources of meat lower the strength of our immune systems, and the use of fertilizers on produce crops causes detrimental algae blooms in marine environments (such as The Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf of Mexico). I know the basic causes, and I understand the effects, but my
overall goal is to gain a better insight into the solutions. I want to find out if there really is hope for a better, cleaner future, or if humanity is on a set course of destruction. The leading cause of many man-made disasters, such as global warming, water depletion, deforestation, species extinction and oceanic “dead zones” is due to our societies current method of industrial farming (“Cowspiracy”). Farming livestock contributes immensely to global warming. While only a small percentage of carbon dioxide is emitted from the meat industry, “…37% of methane emissions and 65% of nitrous oxide–two powerful greenhouse gases–come from livestock.
Moreover, some scientists would argue that it actually is the more potent non-carbon dioxide greenhouse gases that are responsible for most of the global warming the world has experienced thus far” (Wolfson). It’s important to note that Wolfson’s article, “An Inconvenient Food: The Connection Between Meat and Global Warming”, was written in 2007. With more than a decade passed, those statistics have only become higher and more threatening to the sustainability of our planet.
When it comes to water consumption, the agricultural industry blows the competition – (electricity, industry, municipal, etc.) out of the water by using 69% of the world’s freshwater, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. A figure which may surprise many people is that a one ⅓ pound hamburger requires 660 gallons of water to produce, in comparison, only one pound of beef requires 1,799 gallons of water (LA Times). Yet another negative effect of the production of meat is the issue of land use. Cows are large animals which require large amounts of land (a limited resource) and unfortunately, to be able to compensate for the increasing demand for meat, beef manufactures are replacing parts of the Amazon and other tropical rainforests, with cattle farms. This process is called deforestation, which “…causes about 15 percent of global warming pollution worldwide, harms biodiversity, and hurts the millions of people who rely on these forests for their livelihoods” (Roquemore).
“It is estimated that more than 1.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide are released to the atmosphere due to deforestation, mainly the cutting and burning of
forests, every year” (
The last two negative effects of mass food production mentioned were species
extinction and ocean “dead zones”. Species extinction is a major side effect of deforestation, which causes global warming, which in turn causes even more extinction.
This cycle is devastating for thousands of habitually-sensitive species of animals,
especially amphibians. A famously recognized animal which is struggling with climate change is the polar bear; its’ habitat is slowly being destroyed by both atmospheric climate change (which methane discharged by cattle is contributing to) and oceanic warming (which industrial farming is contributing to in the form of eutrophication).
Eutrophication is the response that a body of water has to the over-enrichment of
nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen, which have accumulated [in a body of
water]…(Pitois). Nitrogen and phosphorus are extremely fertile nutrients, which is why
they’re used as fertilizers in crop fields and suburban lawns. Surface runoff causes
these nutrients to collect in large bodies of water, where they aid in the reproduction of
algae, bacteria, and plankton (Pitois). This creates “algae blooms” which thrive off of the oxygen found in their bodies of water. With the lack of oxygen, little to no life is able to survive. This effect creates “dead zones” which are found along the Gulf of Mexico, the Chesapeake Bay and the Great Barrier Reef (Joyce).
The previously listed effects of mass producing food are merely the “tip of the
iceberg” when it comes to the environment. The purpose of the research done was to
inform the reader about the impact that industrial farming has on the environment and
get them to question their own dietary choices. Society has also pondered the questions in regards to what it is they’d have to change about their diet in order to reduce the effects of mass food production, specifically when it comes down to meat. From my observations, there are three different reactions that people give when faced with the facts. One point of view is: ‘Mass Food production needs to happen regardless of
climate change and me giving up meat will not make a difference, so why should I
The following interaction is an example of the first perspective on the issue of
mass food production. A critic of the article, ”Livestock and Climate Change” submitted
their opinion to the publisher in regards to the benefits of livestock. “Surely livestock
have multiple benefits, especially for poor smallholders. For the article to propose removing their livelihoods seems indefensible, especially where there are few or no alternatives. And removing livestock and feed production wouldn’t guarantee reforestation; other development could surely move in.” The author, Robert Goodland, responded, ”There is no shortage of articles on livestock’s benefits, often overlooking their adverse impacts. Many such articles conflate the small fraction of the world’s livestock raised by poor smallholders with the vast majority that have large adverse impacts. They rarely mention that a) less than 10 percent of meat (according to the FAO) is produced entirely on pasture, and the animals providing this meat yield up to three times as much methane as intensively raised animals; b) for the second part of the life of pasture-raised livestock, most are raised intensively and fed crops, which add significantly to the carbon intensity of the resulting products; or c) even in temperate climates, grazed pasture tends to degrade over time and release significant amounts of carbon (not to mention the much higher impacts in tropical regions).”
This question and response is an example of the initial mindset mentioned in the above paragraph. The
rebuttal against Goodland’s primary argument was perfectly valid. It goes along with the train of thought which questions why the consumer has to “give up” something they love when it may or may not make a difference.
Another point of view involves ‘focusing on we can do to make food production
more sustainable (meatless days, self-grown food, etc.), while also being a realist who
believes that climate change will continue to occur, just as the need to feed people will
arise.’ This reaction is a balance between the first and third responses. Danielle
Nierenberg, the author of the Worldwatch study and volunteer for the Humane Society of the United States claims that “Food choices are a very personal decision for most people, and we are only now convincing them that this is a tool at their disposal if they care about the environment.” This quote feeds into my personal goal as an aspiring environmentalist major and my mission to inform people of the power they wield, by simply having control over their diets alone. Aside from that, the quote reflects the common mindset of people who want to make a difference but understand that the impact may not be as substantial as others will it to be.
The last point of view is rapidly gaining popularity, it emphasizes the importance of abandoning our food production methods and negative eating habits in an effort to significantly reduce human impact on the environment. This third perspective strongly advocates veganism and living a life of sustainability. Jenny Schmidt White, the author of “Why Vegan? It’s good for your health”, claims that a vegan diet is much healthier because of the “disease-fighting components” found in fruits and vegetables. White adds, ”Vegan diets also tend to be lower in saturated fats and arachidonic acid, an inflamed story fatty acid found primarily in meat.” Aside from being beneficial to one’s health, a vegan diet has a significantly less impactful environmental footprint. “Researchers at the University of Oxford found that cutting meat and dairy products from your diet could reduce an individual’s carbon footprint from food by up to 73 percent. Meanwhile, if everyone stopped eating these foods, they found that global farmland use could be reduced by 75 percent, an area equivalent to the size of the US, China, Australia and the EU combined. Not only would this result in a significant drop in greenhouse gas emissions, but it would also free up wild land lost to agriculture, one of the primary causes of mass wildlife extinction” (Petter).
Brian G.Henning, Author of “Standing in Livestock’s ‘long shadow’, The Ethics of
Eating Meat on a Small Planet”, introduces a counter-argument, which I hadn’t taken into consideration, in regards to a vegan/vegetarian diet. Henning explains,”…that vegetarians and vegans should not presume that the elimination of meat automatically makes their diet environmentally sustainable. The more industrial the agricultural processes involved in producing one’s food, whether meat or plants, the greater the ecological impact. Ecologically speaking, a vegetarian diet based on heavily processed meat substitutes made out of plants that were raised in monoculture on formerly forested lands using large quantities of pesticides and fertilizers may be more ecologically destructive than eating a grass-fed cow.”
The overall goal of this paper was to inform the reader of the power they wield when it comes to saving the environment. It’s incredible how much of an impact our
diets have on the planet. I believe that there is hope for a greener future, but as of now,
I’m a bit pessimistic. My research didn’t exactly secure my faith in humanity and our
willingness to change our ways. I’m left with a mindset similar to the second
Rachel Louise Carson was an investigative journalist whose work encouraged the Environmental Movement of the 60s and 70s. While her work wasn’t for the newspapers, she captured the nation’s attention through her novel, Silent Spring.
With the publishing of Silent Spring, Carson divulged the Chemical industries of the time for their extreme misuse of pesticides such as DDT. Carson was very educated, she studied marine biology at Chatham University then moved on to John Hopkins University to earn an MA in Zoology. Eventually, she became Editor-in-Chief over the US Fish and Wildlife Service. She published several other books throughout her life, but none had quite the
impact that Silent Spring did.Carson’s investigative journalism revolutionized
the ways in which the general public viewed large corporations.
It’s important to note that around the time that Carson was publishing books and graduating college, World War two had just ended and the world was witnessing the negative effects of the chemical warfare. Such chemicals included Strontium 90, a lethal chemical found in nuclear bombs. In Silent
Spring, Carson describes the life of Strontium 90 as “com[ing] to earth in rain
or drifts down as fallout, lodges in soil, enters into the grass or corn or wheat
grown there, and, in time, takes up its abode in the bones of a human being,
there to remain until his death.”
Personally, I admire this woman. I believe that she was exceedingly brave to publish her findings. Surely, the chemical cooperations accused of such lazy misuse/disposal wouldn’t be thrilled with being found out. To be at the forefront of such an amazing movement is such a huge accomplishment and I
commemorate her for it.
On Fridays, we gather at The Coffee Shop to indulge in sweet, caffeinated beverages and listen to locals sing acoustically at Mike’s Open Mic Night. The singing starts at nine and ends around midnight, however, I suggest that people get there about thirty minutes to an hour earlier to snag a limited table.
The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with soft music in the background and the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting in the air. Before nine, the bistro is calm and the staff moves slow… but as soon as the tables get moved and the lights dimmed, a swarm of hipsters invades the premises and things get LOUD. People; teenagers and adults alike, start talking over each other while Mike, the Kurt-Cobain look-a-like in a beanie, struggles to inform the audience that the first performer is on
stage and ready to entertain. As the room quiets down and the singer beings his song by strumming his guitar, the staff is bustling behind the
counter fixing food and drink orders.
Despite the troubles that Mikes had quieting the crowd down, everyone in the room is exceptionally supportive of everyone that gets up onto the two-foot stage. Quiet conversations and the occasional moments of applause mix well with the soft sounds of an acoustic guitar and an indie voice. When I went, I found that the cold, blended coffee drinks were plenty sweet and very frothy, which was necessary given how hot it could get in the small cafe. They also had food options which included different types of sandwiches, croissants, and other light snacks. Ordered a Veggie Grilled Cheese which actually tasted pretty good, to my surprise. I would highly recommend snagging a bite to eat with your cup of joe, you won’t be disappointed.
For as long as I’ve attended open mic night, the only thing that strikes me a little odd is that all the acts I’ve ever seen have been musical. While there’s nothing wrong with listening to aspiring musicians, a little comedy and/or poetry would be refreshing. Thus, I end this event spotlight by encouraging the reader to pursue any aspirations they may have and to be a performer during the next Open Mic Night!
Just about everyone loves their phones and their ability to connect to
family and friends. Over the past 10 years, it’s been interesting to observe
the ways in which social media platforms have evolved. Facebook became
a “family connection” site, where you can see the all the cute animal videos
your grandma has shared AND the political rants your Uncle goes on, all in
one dose. Twitter has become the platform where politicians throw daggers
at each other and the average person stalks their favorite celebrities.
Instagram has become the site where teens and young adults share the
best moments of their lives. Last but not least is Snapchat, which gives us
the ultimate group chat experiences and the cutest filters. All in all, is social
media really that bad?
Yes, it’s awful:
I’m just going to jump right in and remind folks that the stuff we post on our social media accounts CANNOT be entirely deleted. So that cringey first selfie you took when you were ten years old… it’s out there. Beyond that, using social media can impact our grades, our personalities, and even
our happiness. An average of about 135 minutes per day is spent on social
media; that’s 49,275 minutes per year! Is there something else we should
be doing with 821 “extra” hours per year? Is it worth it?
Certain studies have been conducted in regards to social media influencing depression levels among US young adults, ages 18 – 32. One study, published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, stated, “What we found overall is that if you use less social media, you are actually less depressed and less lonely, meaning that the decreased social media use is what causes that qualitative shift in your well-being” (Young). So, know that an actual link has been identified between social media use and
your happiness, will that influence how often you check your news feed?
No, it’s great:
Communication has never been so efficient. People are able to sell, trade, comment, debate and express themselves so easily. Because information spreads fast and easy over social media, it facilitates political change. Social Media increases teen awareness of events that happen locally, nationally and globally. Overall, the ability that teenagers have to connect to a global, social platform, enables them to be a part of something much larger than themselves, and that’s pretty amazing. Not to mention, that often times social media can be used as a way to meet new people (not without some serious precautions of course). So, is our addiction to our Instagram feed isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be.
An Open Letter to People,
As a semi-functioning member of society, I’d like to express my feelings on the topic of people. I sat down and wrote of list of all the things in my life which are giving me some serious grief, and 10 out of the 15 things listed started with “people * doing something irritating*”.
Initially, I was only going to pick one specific thing to rant about, but a quick break to the restroom changed that. So I walk into the girl’s restroom and I unmistakably hear the uncapping of a pen and then the sound of that pen on the stall wall. I was shocked. I guess I never really thought about the face behind the ink, they always just kind of showed up without warning. In that time that I went to the restroom and back, all I could think about is how badly people pissed me off. Thus, I give you “Shellby’s Top 7 Grievances with the Humans” (only 7 because explaining 10 is just too much ((haha, refer to grievance #7)).
#1. (For obvious reasons,) People Writing on the Bathroom Stalls
Honestly, just why? I am genuinely curious about what prompts people to do this. The LAST thing I am thinking about while doing my ~ business ~ is “how big of a Ho so-and-so is”.It’s just very immature, and after having dealt with it for about 6 years, I’ve hit my tolerance level (especially after the whole bomb threat thing).
#2 People being addicted to their phones
Don’t get me wrong, phones are wonderful. I love mine, I got a couple of games, music, social media, etc. BUT folks, there’s a TIME and a PLACE for these things and stopping
mid-stride in the middle of the hallway is NOT a good place or time. Neither is the middle of a
conversation (like dude, can we please talk face-to-face… or should I call you).
#3 People who shame feminism
If you believe in equality, you believe in feminism. I cannot stand it when people look down on others who say they’re feminists. Are their extreme feminists, yeah, of course. But there are extreme people in every controversial philosophy in our society. Judging someone because they believe in gender equality, and making them feel bad about it is NOT okay.
#4 People who litter
There are so many different ways in which humans hurt the Earth every day, but littering is different from a lot of those ways because it’s intentional. If you’re throwing a gum wrapper out of a car window, it’s not because you thought it would magically disappear. Honestly, guys, the way I see it, littering is the equivalent of giving your own mother the middle finger while simultaneously punching her in the gut.
#5 People who think they’re always right
Being proved right in an argument is the kind of momentary victory which we all low key live for. However, there are those who just cannot accept defeat. They will argue and argue and even twist your words into little daggers in a monumental effort to remain in this “spotlight”. When in a predicament like this, just walk away.
#6 People Who Believe that Brazilians are Native Spanish Speakers
Tell something. Does this: “El perro tiene la cabeza fuera de la ventana del coche.” sound like this, ”O cachorro está com a cabeça para fora da Janela do carro.” The latter was Portuguese. Now, this common misconception is understandable, especially in a state with not a whole lot of diversity. But, let this be a warning to anyone who makes the “but they’re basically the same” statement around other Brazilians. You will most likely be cursed out.
#7 People Who Make Excuses to Not do Something Because They’re Lazy
Let’s be honest, we’re all a little bit guilty of this one. I’d explain further, but I’m
pretty sure that 4 years of procrastination has us all trained pretty well in the art of excuse making.
Well, that’s my two cents. I guess I really needed to rant because now I’m thinking that people aren’t so bad… Give a week, I’ll be right back to where I started.
At the near conclusion of her second year of teaching at Jordan High, Courtnie Jensen has become the face behind the Graphic Design program, the founder of Toast Tuesday and Mr. Damron’s successor as the Yearbook Advisor.
“I was always interested in teaching, but I only wanted to teach if I could teach design; cause it’s what I love.” A graduate from the University of Utah, Courtnie describes her biggest inspirations as being past professors and her father who was also a designer. Thus, she worked in the graphic design field for over 20 years before she started teaching at Jordan High. “It all happened kind of fast” Jensen says as described how she got her job “a friend of a friend mentioned it to me. They called me
in for an interview”… “And that’s how I brought Graphic Design to Jordan!”
When asked what philosophy she aims to influence all her students with, Mrs. Jensen said to
just “Be kind. Be kind always. Because people will always remember you if you’re kind.”
After the bomb threat fiasco in January, surely, teachers were asking themselves how often threats like so would occur. Would it affect their career as an educator? Did they feel threatened enough to possibly quit? Should they be called teachers/evacuator instructioneers? Here are Mrs. Jensen’s thoughts on the matter: “When I realized that it was serious, my initial thought, just like any teacher’s, was to just make sure the kids were okay.” “As a teacher, you do put your students before you. You want them to be safe and that’s really all that matters.” When asked if
instances similar to that one affect people’s plans to become teachers, Jensen said, “No matter where (you) go in life, those kinds of things can happen anywhere. You can’t really avoid them. It’s apart of life now.” “So no, if you want to become a teacher, if your main goal is to teach and be with students, then that (bomb threats, lockdowns, etc.) is just part of the deal and it shouldn’t scare you.”
This year, Mrs. Jensen took on the demanding task as Yearbook Advisor, after
the former advisor, Mr. Damron left Jordan High. The responsibilities of the Yearbook Advisor range from motivational leader to salesman, and even party planner. There’s so much extra effort, time and commitment placed on the advisor; so much so, that
only a special, select few are cut out for the job. Nearing the end of her first year as the advisor, Jensen describes this year’s work as fun and overwhelming. “I usually like to feel like I have control, and I haven’t really felt that way with Yearbook. But it has been
okay because everyone is in it together. I LOVE my staff, I’ve loved getting to know all of them.” When asked how the opportunity came about, Courtnie explained that Mr. Damron had approached her and said, “You can say no if you want, but I think you’d be a really good Yearbook advisor”
Initially, she was opposed to the idea because she’d
only just finished her first year and was a bit overwhelmed. However, after long moments of contemplation and reasoning, she decided to dive in for the long haul and
said “yes”.
If you’ve walked down the 1500 hall, near the ceramics and other art rooms and
smelt the faint aroma of freshly made toast, you have Mrs. Jensen to thank for that. The inspiration for this monthly treat came from a conversation Jensen had with a colleague in regards to some teacher’s idea of “Waffle Wednesday”. “Somehow I came up with Toast Tuesday, I can’t remember if I saw it somewhere or … if it just
kinda rhymed.”… “I thought it would be fun for the kids, just to give them something
to look forward to.” When toast Tuesday comes around, there’s always so many options! From jam to honey, to butter, to cinnamon sugar to even peanut butter, the possibilities are endless. When asked what her ideal toppings would be, Courtnie
describes the perfect toast as having peanut butter, honey and bananas.
Overall, Mrs. Jensen is a pretty awesome teacher and an even cooler person.
We’re lucky to have her and all her positive energy here at Jordan High School!
Have you ever heard an impressed adult exclaim “Man, THAT kid is
going somewhere!”? Well, in this case, “that kid” is Thiago Sprunt. The young,
but wise businessman confirms that expression by explaining the one, grand
concept he’s learned throughout high school, which is, “Nobody is going to give you good things in life, you have to make good things happen for yourself.”
A senior at Jordan, Sprunt is one of the most interesting people
you’ll find. For example, Thiago is fluent in portuguese because he lived in Brazil for about 9 years! He describes his favorite food as picanha ( which is
thinly cut brazilian sirloin) and he is also killer at soccer.
Being the president of DECA, Thiago explains, “In deca we compete in
different categories and write different events, this year, a couple us placed at
state. We got fifteen spots to nationals, which is in Orlando, Florida, but only 8
of us are going.” For those who do not know, DECA is a non-profit organization which focuses on educating future leaders and entrepreneurs in finance, hospitality, marketing and management by being set up as clubs in colleges and high schools. A really cool aspect of Jordan which DECA runs is the marketing campaigns for our beloved school store called “The Spot”.
Thiago details,“For the Spot, we run marketing campaigns like “DECA Binge week” where we get to sell Krispy Kreme, Little Caesars, Dominos and drinks.”
On top of his duties as DECA president, Thiago is also a “real-life” entrepreneur. He and his friend’s, Jett and Cody founded this clothing
company called ‘Fierr’ about nine months ago and they describe their clothing
as “high fashion mixed with street wear.” While Fierr still hasn’t become a
multimillion dollar clothing company, Thiago is fine to take it easy and explore
college life first. He applied and was accepted to Utah Valley University and
plans to major in both Business Administration and Marketing Management.
Aside from being a seriously driven entrepreneur, Thiago likes to kick back and relax by hanging out with his girlfriend Kaylee and playing soccer, volleyball and ping-pong with his friends. Over all, Thiago is a very kind and cool guy. I highly encourage you, whomever you are, to support Thiago and his
friends by checking out Fierr’s clothing on instagram @fierrclothing.
Aries (Mar 21 – April 19)
Mahider Ethiopian Restaurant:
According to, “The new moon arrives in your sign on April 5, just in time to give you that boost of confidence to tackle a daring task.” So go for it! This exotic, Ethiopian restaurant has beautiful, colorful food which beacons this month’s daring Aries. Located at 1465 S State St, Ste 7 Salt Lake City, UT 84115.
Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
Log Haven:
A conjunction between Venus and Neptune on April 10th could be the beginning of a new love interest. Thus, You’re encouraged to take that new love interest out to dinner and what would be a better place to go than Salt Lake City’s “Most Romantic Restaurant”. Log Haven, a gorgeous mansion tucked away in Millcreek Canyon, possess a romantic atmosphere accompanied with delicious food – Perfect for a lovely night out with your special person. Location: 6451 E Millcreek Canyon Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84109-3814
Gemini (May 21 – June 21)
Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre
You love unraveling mysteries during the Mercury-Neptune conjunction on April 2. This is the perfect time to decipher clues ( Check out the Murder Mystery Dinner event which takes place at The Hilton Salt Lake City Center. A dinner AND an Interactive show?! Who wouldn’t want to go?
Located at 255 S W Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Cancer (June 22 – July 22)
Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen:
This month, you’re encouraged to get physical and focus on letting out any pent-up aggression through engaging in an extreme sport. Thus, you should feed your body food that will help you accomplish your physical goals. Pulp is the perfect place to start. Everything there is sustainable, healthy and affordable. Lucky for you, there are several locations. So all you need to do is: “Hey Google (or Siri) Take me to Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen” and voila!
Leo (July 23 – Aug 22)
Red Iguana:
A possible traveling experience beacons you to start planning this month. Ease yourself into an adventurous mood by getting a meal at the best Mexican Restaurant in Salt Lake: The Red Iguana. Featured on the beloved food network show “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” with Guy Fiere, this establishment and it’s authentic ‘south-of-the-border’ atmosphere is perfect for getting its customers in a traveling spirit.
Located at 36 W North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84116
Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22)
The Rose Establishment:
The month of April is your time to shine: Verbally. According to, “Your talkative home planet Mercury sextiles structured Saturn on April 7, bringing discipline to your verbal game. You give excellent speeches, presentations, and lectures now, and your word choice is concise yet meaningful.” You might want to consider spending some time perfecting that argument or lecture and what a better place to do so than the beautiful Rose Establishment in downtown SLC. Chillax, drink coffee and snack on some delicious food while organizing your thoughts.
Located at 235 400 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 23)
Ruth’s Diner:
Similarly to the Taurus, this month involves possible romance – the compassionate and lovely kind of romance. So why not go out for brunch? Yes, it can be a cheesy “couple” thing to do, but also super
endearing at the same time. Take your love interest to the mountains and up Emigration Canyon to enjoy Ruth’s Diner. With the weather getting warmer, I’d highly suggest sitting out on their patio to enjoy nature while you enjoy each other’s company.
Located at 4160 Emigration Canyon Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Scorpio (Oct 24 – Nov 21)
Eggs in the City:
According to your horoscope for the month of April, the new moon will enter Aries on April 5th, this will light a fire in your belly to get things done and get them done FAST. Which is great and all, but don’t neglect moments of self-care and calmness. Reserve a Saturday morning to check out “Eggs in the City” and go chill out before you’re back at it again.
Located at 1675 E 1300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84105
Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)
Cafe Solstice:
According to, “Jupiter’s retrograde starts on the tenth and brings a period of quiet reflection.” There’s not a better place in SLC than Cafe Solstice to focus on one’s self. The cafe is located within the iconic “Hippie store” – Dancing Cranes Imports. Meditative music and the sounds of a water fountain pooling into a Koi pond create a very calm atmosphere which can be accompanied with delicious, healthy food. Perfect for the self-reflection session you’ll be having with yourself soon this month.
Located at 673 Simpson Ave S, Salt Lake City, UT 84106
Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)
The Melting Pot:
Your increased concentration and focus during the month of April call for a relaxing night out. What’s more relaxing than consuming melted cheese and/or chocolate? The Melting Pot, located in the
heart of Downtown, Salt Lake City, will give you a much needed pause in life.
Located at 340 S Main St Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)
This month is all about positivity for the Aquarius. Go check out Cubby’s! The story behind the restaurant is adorable and very positive. A husband and wife wanted to start up a restaurant. The husband wanted tasty (not so good for your body but good for your soul type food) while the wife wanted ‘eat-good-feel-good food’. Thus was the beginning of a delightful
little compromise which taste oh-so-good.
Location: “Cubby’s Near Me” 🙂
Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)
Pirate O’s:
This month, you’re advised to focus on the relationships in your life. Pirate O’s is Sandy’s hidden gem in terms of specialty foods and cute little cafes. The cool thing about this place, is that you have two options: 1) take your buddies and go get an amazing lunch at the little cafe inside
2) take a solo trip and pick out a nice selection of meats, cheeses, crackers and specialty drinks to present to your friends/love interest/ family on a calm afternoon.
Located at 11901 700 E, Draper, UT 84020
As a generalized society, there are many things we take for granted. We use water as though it’s an expendable resource by basking in long, hot, “needed” showers. We gripe and complain about poor air quality in the winter, but shake our fists when gas prices rise in the summer. We groan about long school or work days but don’t stop to consider how lucky we are to get free education and eventually a paycheck. We moan over having to do yard work but fail to appreciate the fact that we even have a yard to work on.
A huge aspect of our modern lifestyle which everyone takes for granted is our effortless access to electricity. Chaos would erupt without it. Kids would throw tantrums with a lack of wifi or cartoons, people’s heads would explode while driving without stop lights. The stock market would plummet, followed by the economy. People would go broke without electronic access to their bank
accounts (Paypal, Venmo, credit/debit cards, etc.). Essentially, the world would end in the eyes of the modernized peoples.
Funding our unappreciated use of electricity is the extraction and combustino of fossil fuels. Our relentless usage of these fuels has an expiration date which is approaching rapidly. According to, at our current rate of consumption, we have about 50 years left of reserves of Natural gas and about 150 years left of reserves of coal. As these amounts continue to dwindle, prices of these resources will skyrocket. Aside from monetary issues, coal and other fossil fuels are the leading causes of anthropogenic climate change. Our future is at stake. The future of our beloved, miracle planet (another aspect of life we take for granted) is in critical danger. The only real solutions we currently have, lie solely in renewable and sustainable energy. Why are we wasting our time on harmful fossil fuels when the answer to our energy issues literally shines in our eyes? The sun is our savior. For 4.603 billion years, our sun has been blessing the Earth with its presence every morning since day one. We can count on it rising and setting every day. So why don’t we take advantage of its reliability?
I had the opportunity to speak with two professionals in the field of solar energy. The first, Richard King, a Tax Manager at Vivint.Solar and the second, Ford Wyatt, a leading Engineer at a company called Spower. Wyatt and King explained to me how solar works, the future of solar energy, finances, and overall pros and cons.
When discussing the future of solar power, Ford Wyatt described the process as being very similar other technological advancements. Take the telephone, for example, in the beginning, we had centralized landlines which multiple houses were connected to. Eventually, every household got their own landlines which then morphed into each individual person getting their own cell phone.
Essentially, communication devices became much more personal. Wyatt believes that the development of energy will follow the same path of personalization. King confirmed the positive growth of solar energy by sharing Vivint.Solar’s expected growth of 50% this year. Currently, the price of solar power is .35 -.40 cents/per watt, however, that price is drastically dropping, making solar and other forms of renewable energy more affordable. The stereotype of solar energy “only being available for rich people” is beginning to become a thing of the past.
Our adaption to sustainable forms of energy is becoming more and more prevalent, especially as more people begin to realize exactly what’s at stake. It’s us. It’s our generation who’ll be coping with the side-effects of global warming – first put into action by people who didn’t know any better. People who didn’t understand that the combustion of fossil fuels releases toxic gases into the very air we breathe, the air our children will breathe. Traping in heat which ends up circulating throughout the atmosphere and melting the most important ecosystem this planet has to offer – the north pole. THEY didn’t know.
BUT WE DO. So why are we still digging the same grave? A grave that we will one day have to put our planet to rest in, because we didn’t stop; when we knew. Will you help make the change? Will you
invest your time, your interest and even possibly your money for the chance to actually make a difference? I want polar bears to be a thing of the future. I want to see up and coming generations have the ability to breathe clean air. I want the increasing occurrence of killer hurricanes to become a thing of the past. I want us to take care of our Earth and appreciate the miracles of life which she offers. I want us to be responsible for the ways in which we generate electrictiy. Let’s all be grateful today.
Thank you.
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