Emily Darger

Christmas is almost here, the decorations popping up everywhere and the music rings in

your ears almost anywhere and it hasn’t even snowed yet. If you are someone who wants to

buy your friends or family a gift but have no idea what to get them, you’re not alone. The best

thing is to plan ahead of time so you aren’t panicking last minute over a gift for your best friend.

But what IS the best gift to get people? What’s the worst? Let’s discuss.

Glitter boxes or whoopie cushion? Neither, they both suck. Opening a box filled with

glitter or unwrapping a pair of Handerpants isn’t something anyone wants. There is an extent to

gag gifts. Some can be good but how would you feel opening a box full of bacon flavored

toothpaste, toothpicks, and mints? If you aren’t a big fan of bacon I doubt you’d appreciate it.

There can be some good ones, maybe an inside joke you share with a friend or something they

like maybe you can use that. An example being a bag of “Unicorn Farts” for someone who likes

unicorns. Finding good gag gifts is hard so lets stay out of that area.

A good gift to get for anyone is socks. But you have to understand why and what kinds

first. Don’t get someone a pack of plain white socks (unless they asked for it), get them a pack

of different colored socks with different breeds of dogs or get your easily cold friend fluffy striped

socks. There are so many types of socks with so many different prints. You could get some

knee high tye-dye socks for the hippy or some Starry Night socks for the artist. A plus is also

that you can get them for anyone, any gender, any person just make sure that it’s a gift you

chose for your Good benefit to this is they aren’t usually very expensive and they can be used

whenever and wherever.

Baby animals are always cute and fun but they make terrible gifts for friends and family.

Never get someone a pet unless their parents are okay with it and they can handle the

responsibilities. And imagine the heartbreak of giving someone the cutest puppy you’ve seen

and having to make them give it up because their parents won’t allow it or their home doesn’t

have enough space. So unless you get the okay from the parents AND they want the animal,

pick a different gift.

Keep your loved ones warm! Perhaps you have a little more money to spend on

someone and socks are too cheap. Get them a blanket or a hoodie. A fluffy blanket to curl up in

or a warm fuzzy hoodie to keep them from getting too cold outside. It’s a sweet gesture and

there’s many different types and patterns of hoodies and blankets. A hoodie with their favorite

team or a cool print of a band they like, you can even get a custom print one if you have the

perfect idea for it. And blankets, they come in all kinds of colors and sizes and you can even

pick the thickness too. You can’t go wrong unless the person really hates being warm or you got

their favorite color wrong.

If it’s a holiday like Christmas, you should at least try to get something. If you really have

no idea what to get someone, see the previous paragraphs but never get something

thoughtless. “Hey, I got you this amazing gift you said you wanted.” “Oh thanks, I got you this

cooking magazine from my kitchen and you don’t even cook.” Regifting is okay sometimes but

it’s not ok to just not care and not try. It would be disappointing to the person who receives it.

Put some effort into it, not just a careless anything.

A good last minute gift or a gift to give someone that you don’t know what to get, just get

them a gift card. Got a friend who drinks a lot of coffee? Get them a starbucks gift card. Your

sister really like DIY’s and crafts? Give them a Hobby lobby gift card. If all else fails for a place,

just buy a temporary visa card and put 50 dollars on it, send it with a sweet letter. Just cash is

okay too.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a gift for someone but it really doesn’t have to be that hard.

Not all things need to be expensive or super fancy, just something sweet and heartfelt. Just

don’t get a bad gift and you’ll be good.

How is it that some
new movies can make us feel a whirlwind of emotions within the span of an hour?
Marc Forster does just this in his recently directed movie, Christopher Robin.
Christopher Robin is a movie that shows the future of time old story, Winnie the
Pooh but in live action. The movie itself contains a small bit from
Christopher’s childhood, him playing with Pooh and the other animals from
Hundred Acre Wood and his current life which isn’t the best and his family not
the happiest. A quick visit from a lost Pooh bear is sure to help him… Kind of.

 “Doing nothing often leads to the very best
somethings.” says Pooh. Wandering around and finding Christopher Robin allowed
him to see how much he has grown and he asks him to find their friends; Eeyore,
Piglet, Roo, and even Rabbit. A blast from his past, Christopher helps “save
them” from the dreaded Heffalump in order to show that he really was the same.
After playtime and taking Pooh home to his other friends, he must rush home to
his job and family. He isn’t able to tell his wife or daughter about where he’s
been or else they’d have thought he was mad. But Something important was left
with his friends in the Hundred Acre wood so Pooh and friends set off through
London with the help of Christopher’s daughter in order to find him at work.

After re-learning
what it felt like to be a kid and being able to care in a way he hadn’t for
such a long time, Christopher quits his job and dedicated himself to his wife
and his daughter Madeline. He took them back to the Hundred Acre Woods with all
of his friends and he was finally happy. No longer troubled and even closer to
his family.

This movie is filled
with so many laughable and cryable moments. Watching a sad, wandering Pooh is
sure to hit you a little bit. The color change in scenes and between “worlds”
and the CGI is so enticing. The animated character’s movements were so well
shown and the difference between real and fake was hard to distinguish which is
which. That adds a great element to the film, allowing us to focus on the teary
story. The backstory of the movie is greatly shown and adds more emotion to the
film and wouldn’t be as great without it. The characters were well formed and
well made which created more depth to the movie and its storyline. Overall, I
believe this movie is amazingly well done and although different from the
original movies, it’s a great sequel. I don’t think it could’ve been made any
other way, it’s great the way it is. I don’t think any other Winnie the Pooh
movie could top this in years to come.



Just like Chucky, classics never die. Once a movie gets it big then we are left with a great movie for generations to come. This year, horror movies are becoming more popular the closer we’ve gotten to halloween. New movies that have come out this year like “The Nun”, “Halloween 2”, and “A Quiet Place” will never compare to a classic slasher film like “Friday the 13th” or “Halloween” the original. Speaking of originals, let’s get to some undying classics.

            Halloween; a movie with a holiday title. If you haven’t seen it, watch it as soon as possible. The movie came out in 1978 and starts off with a murder from a 6 year old boy. 15 years later we watch Michael Myers (boy from beginning of film) escape from prison and stalk/kill 7 more people. The one who gets away is Laurie Strode, a teen Myers stalks throughout the film and fails to kill in the end. Myers then gets away. The following Halloween movies, although good, can never be better than the first. The chills and scares were real and original. With the recent release of “Halloween” (the 2018 version) it is causing the original movie to become more popular than it has been in previous years. Why see a new movie without seeing the first? You don’t usually so back to 1978 we go.

            Have you ever seen the clip of a little boy on a tricycle, pedaling down the halls of a hotel? Well if you have then you’ve seen a clip from the 1980’s film, The Shining. Built on an Indian Burial ground, the Overlook Hotel has come into new management. Jack Nicholson plays Jack Torrance, a writer, husband and father who slowly goes mad. His wife Wendy and son Danny endure the scares of ghosts and Jack who is slowly going mad. After a conversation with the ghost of the previous hotel manager, Jack is convinced he needs to ‘correct’ his wife and son. After games of “Tag” and “Hide and Seek” Danny ends up outside, Jack kills the hotel chef and Wendy tries to find Danny. In the end, Danny is found and Jack freezes in the cold winter that leads to his death. This classic movie always has a big comeback especially near halloween. The popular REDRUM scene is never a disappointment to see on screen. A classic that is loved by all.

            A kids doll comes to life. No, this definitely isn’t toy story. In 1988, the horror film “Child’s Play” a young boy, Andy Barclay wants a good-guy doll more than anything for his birthday. When his mother is lucky enough to get one from a street peddler, Andy is the happiest he could be. But the doll now contains the soul of mass murderer Charles Lee Ray who was killed in a toy store at the beginning of the film and used his voodoo to put himself into the doll. After his nanny is “pushed” through a window by his possessed doll and Andy gets put into a mental institution for his crazy talk about his doll, Chucky, being alive. Escaping and going home to his mother and the policeman who have both been attacked by the dool. Chucky chases after the boy but is killed within minutes. But the film in not necessarily resolved. The Chucky series goes on for a good 6 more movies and the CGI does get better as the films go on. This film is making a bigger comeback and people are getting more interested in it. It was expected to remade years ago but only now the process has begun. Because of the remake, it’s popularity is moving higher up on the watched list. Cheesy horror is the greatest part of older movies.

Young actor and singer, Ricardo Tovar Jr., was called back for the lead role in Pirates of Penzance. The freshman has been acting for 5 years, staring mostly in school plays and performances. He manages a choir class, theater class and his own job as a cashier and host at his family’s restaurant, La Puente. After almost every day of school, the young 14 year old spends about 3 hours rehearsing for this years play, Pirates of Penzance.

The simplicity of singing at a birthday party helped spark Tovar’s love for singing. Being around performers for most of his life also helped. His love for singing and acting goes back years into his childhood and has grown ever since. “I like making people laugh, I like seeing different reactions. If I can surprise people with my voice or make them laugh from a funny skit, it’s probably one of my favorite things to see.” said Tovar contentedly. He’s had his good and bad experiences in acting as well. His least favorite was playing Aladdin in “Aladdin, a play told inside out”, one where Tovar claims he doesn’t know how the school didn’t get sued over scripting issues. In the previous year, he played his favorite role as Papa Ge, the God of Death in Mount Jordan Middle Schools production of “Once on this Island” and he states “I think this character had a lot of myself in it and was probably the best role, well, character that I have ever played.” He hit every note and never missed a line. The God of Death had many successful performance nights.

Using his love and passion for singing and acting, Tovar auditioned for a role in Pirates of Penzance, this years play at Jordan High School. He was on a list of audition callbacks which made him happy. It made him even happier because it isn’t often that a freshman gets called back for a main role. Although he didn’t get the role, he is a very important part of the ensemble now.

“The rehearsals are pretty boring if I’m being honest,” says Tovar cheerlessly “we don’t do a lot, usually just running through the same songs over and over again but I still enjoy it anyways.” The auditions involved him singing and dancing and when he got the callback he was more than happy. “Just being involved makes me happy even if I get tired of practicing the same stuff over again.” chuckled Tovar.

Fellow actress, Ravyn Sue, gave her opinion on Tovar “I was in a play with him, I think he’s a really good, serious actor and he is very nice and funny when he’s not on stage performing. I think he will go far with what he’s doing right now, like being in plays and stuff and putting in all the hard work.” Sue was Agwe, goddess of water and played along side Tovar in Once on this Island.

            During the interview, Tovar worked. I had met him at La Puente on a Saturday afternoon, the lunch rush was just ending. I watched as he was able to answer questions and help customers in such a manner that I know he is capable of managing his schooling, acting, job, and home life with ease. “It hasn’t been hard for me, I am a great multi-tasker so I can do this and that with no problem.”  said Tovar. He had no difficulty switching back and forth. He manages himself well.

            In a few years, broadway will come into the scene. His experience singing, acting and dancing is sure to get him a good start in his future. “For a long time I’ve wanted to be on broadway,” he paused, thinking “It’s always been one of my dreams to be on stage doing the stuff I love most.” Tovar exclaimed. “One day I’m going to be there. One day.”


Every year, we make a list of resolutions, things we want to reach or change about ourselves. After about 2 weeks, we kind of just give up. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit but some people can’t even make it past the first 14. Maybe they overshare it too much or their resolutions are a little harder than they thought, whatever the cause is, let’s try to avoid failing our resolutions in 2019. In the next few paragraphs I will tell you some fairly simple and attainable goals for the year. But keep in mind, you don’t have to wait for a new year just to change something about yourself, when ever you decide works.

Let’s start broad; be more loving and positive. If your first reaction to something is negative or mean, have a second thought. If you see someone sitting alone, strike up  simple conversation with that person. Maybe the girl you run into in the bathroom is wearing a cute dress, tell her that. Maybe your buddy just threw the best pass he has done in a while, get happy and congratulate him. Try and smile at every stranger, every person who you see. Sometimes that’s all it takes to brighten someone’s day. And try to put good things out into the universe. Instead of saying “I’m going to fail this test so bad.” say “I’m going to try my hardest to get a good score.” Put out good things and good things will come back to you.

Another slightly broad thing to try doing is to keep recycling and getting rid of the things and people you don’t need. A new year is seemed as a fresh start so why not do it and out with the old and in with the new. I’m not saying you have to throw out everything in your house and every person you know, but the things you don’t need or use and the people who always bring you down or make you feel bad. It’s hard to let go of things and people, especially if there’s a deep connection but it’s good to cleanse your life once and awhile. After you get rid of things, you have more space for different things, different ideas.

Pay attention to what’s going on around you! Start reading the news and checking the weather every day. Be more aware of not just the places you live around, check the global news and even the ones for your entire state. You start to understand the world better when you know what’s going on in it. It’s important to see what’s happening everywhere because even if it doesn’t affect you directly, it may give you ideas on how to help or opinions on certain issues and topics such as politics and what celebrity just went viral.

The last resolution you should add to your list is to stay more hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids every day! Not only does it keep you healthy, it helps you stay more focused and less food obsessed. Buy yourself a stainless steel bottle or one with a infuser inside and pick out one that you like. You can buy stickers and other such things to add the bottle as well. Carry it everywhere and I mean everywhere. If you have it on your desk or in your car or anywhere near you, whenever you see it, you’ll want to take a drink. Water is plenty beneficial for our bodies. It helps keep our bodies at a normal temperature, helps with blood flow, helps us to salivate, and many many things. If you don’t like your water plain, buy an infuser water bottle and drop some fresh fruit in the middle. Not only will you feel healthier, your body with benefit from hydration and you’ll like the taste of your water. Try it, stay healthy.

In all ends, you shouldn’t have to wait for a new year to start a new habit or to begin something. You can do that whenever you feel the want. But by all means, start doing things that are beneficial for you and others. Do the things that keep you happy and healthy. And always try your best.

His career started in the 1920’s but never really took off until almost the 1930’s.

Walter Winchell was a jewish-american columnist famous for exploitation. During the

1930-40’s, Winchell was the first and most popular columnist, his gossip and

exploitation created his platform above all. Through his writing he popularized phrases

like “Scram!”, “Giggle water” and “Ratzis” and he had connections to many people

including Owney Madden, an underworld crime leader, and John Edgar Hoover, the first

director of the FBI and many other people.

He was more honest than most people then, he gave every opinion he had. He

was one of the first journalists to attack Adolf Hitler and pro-Nazi groups with his words.

Throughout years he attacked and wrote against many other racist groups. Another

view of his was his idea that communism was the biggest problem facing the U.S.

One of the reasons he was more famous and well known was his personal

attacks on political figures and personal enemies. He was notorius for name calling and

insults but when called out on it his response was: “I know- I’m just a son of a b*tch.” As

of the 1950’s he was seen as ruthless and arrogant.

He had a ghostwriter named Herman Klurfeld who wrote several columns for

Winchell and even wrote some of the one liners (“lasties”) that Winchell used at the end

of his sunday radio broadcasts. He would begin every broadcast by pressing a random

telegraph key and giving a greeting. He was faster than the typical broadcaster and well

heard diction.

In his personal life, he had two partners. His first marriage lasted about 2 years

and he soon found his life partner June Magee whom he had 3 children with. His career

began when he joined the ‘Newsboys Sextet’ and posted notes about the acting troupe

on backstage boards. His son’s suicide caused him to retire in February 5, 1969. About

a year later, Magee died during a treatment for heart conditions. Three years and 15

days after his retirement, Winchell died from prostate cancer.

Walter Winchell was a face for fellow columnist during the 1920’s to the 1950’s,

his way of writing shaped the gossip and views of many people. He spread his opinions on just about everyone and everything and exposed many people with his platform.

Without Winchell, our daily news today would just barely be hitting the peak it did when

he began writing.

Now scram.

At about 7 to 10 p.m. , in the cold late evening in january, we here at Jordan high held

our winter dance. Free of admission and tropical themed, it was encouraged that everyone

dressed up and came. The dj played student requested (and school appropriate) songs for

everyone. It was a good 3 hours to escape from everything.


I arrived at about 7:30, fashionably late. The people there or lack thereof, we’re huddled

into friend groups and the music was some background tropical music with no singing. More

groups of people came through the doors and the lights turned off. Song requests from any

student began playing creating a large jumping or dancing frenzy near the music and smoke

source. People kept filing in till about 8 and everyone was dancing the “Macarena” or jumping to

“Jump on it” keeping everyone entertained. Just hope that you didn’t wear any loose shoes or

you might lose it in the crowd of energized teenagers.


Compare to other dances, this was more blackout than any of them, allowing students to

dance their hearts out without the feeling of self consciousness or being judged. Everyone was

jumping around and moving to the music, all while smiling and laughing with friends. Every song

was pumped up but all the couples were disappointed that they couldn’t slow dance with one



All students were welcome to come, somewhere between 200-300 showed up to the

dance. Somes students wore hula skirts and white shirts while the other students wore tropical

shirts and come cargo shorts. Some girls even put flowers in their hair and wore long, tropical

flower covered dresses. To say the least, those girls didn’t dance in any other way besides

swaying or doing hand movements. It was definite that if the junior or senior boys weren’t

dancing, they were holding their honeys or inviting other people to come “Shake it with them”


The entrance to the dance had lockers covered in themed streamers and tropical

pictures hung around. Although, there weren’t very many decorations in the actual dancing

area. Compared to other dances, this was more dancing and darkness. Despite the lack of

decoration, in the dark, not many people paid too much attention. They were more focused on

the pumping music and their friend groups.


The dance was worth it for the people who showed up. If you didn’t come, you should’ve.

Who would not want to go to a free dance with any of their friends and be able to dance their

feet off? It was totally worth going. Free, fun, and for anyone.

Whether you’re traveling around or want to get out of the house for a few days, people tend to stay at a hotel or motel of any kind. The second weekend of this February, I had the chance to stay in the Little American Hotel in downtown Salt Lake. The hotel entrance is in no way short of being fancy. There is often a pianist playing in the east corner room for those who are dining. Plenty of dull copper statues surround and there are plenty of places to sit if you’re waiting for your room to be available. There a lovely large staircase that leads to the second floor that has all the activities and 3 large elevators to take you up to even the 18th floor.
My friends and I stayed on the 17th floor in a double queen bed, tower room with one of the best views of the city. Down below you could see the outdoor pool and the surrounding buildings. It showed one of the best sunrises and sunsets, with the light shining through every beautiful cloud. The more expensive rooms have large balconies with plenty of space for people to sit out on.
Every room has a consumer controlled thermostat and every room is thoroughly cleaned and checked before every new arrival. Carpets are soft and the hardwood floors are swept clean. The beds are neatly made and every night, part of the staff comes to deliver little chocolates to put on your pillows to eat before bed. Every room includes a decently large tv, a bathroom with a shower and tub, and you can request a room with a king size bed, two queens, and even more options.
In the tower room I stayed in, the bathroom included an area with a small fridge, some robes, a closet, a sink, steam presser, and coffee maker. A branch off from that room was the bathroom with a toilet, shower, plenty of towels, and a large mirror. There is plenty of lighting at at night, the city lights dully light the room.
On the second floor, there is an exercise room, a pool, a sauna, a jacuzzi, and just below on the first floor, there is a gift shop and dining. The pool connects indoors to outdoors and the outdoor pool is open for those who don’t mind a chilly top. Reaching a low of 5 feet, the pool is open from 4am to 11pm and is cleaned and warmed regularly. If you are craving something hotter, take a dip in the jacuzzi, with jets that will blow your shorts off. There is a sliding glass door near the jacuzzi that allows you to go to the outdoor pool or you can swim from the inside, around a tarp, into the cool outside pool. If you don’t want to swim or you have kids that persist on being in the pool, there are plenty of chaise lounge chairs and a few tables around.
In the hall leading to the pool, there are some bathrooms and a branch off from those is a sauna. At times, it felt like dry heat which isn’t really the point but at other times, it was stress relieving and steamy. In the exercise room, there were plenty of treadmills, ellipticals, and space to stretch and do yoga. And if you didn’t bring any music, there was a tv playing the news the entire time it was open. The gift shop had plenty of souvenirs, foods, and toys for some kids.
Around every table, there is so many different things for affordable prices. There’s even an entire table full of sweets and granola bars. In the back there is a small table full of necklaces, bracelets and some pretty cheap engagement rings. The wall behind is covered in books for mostly adults but young adult readers would certainly be pleased.
Next to the gift shop there is a restaurant that you eat at by reservation. They seat you and give you their specials menu and every ones. Plenty of beef and some fish but it is not yet vegetarian friendly other than a salad (fruit or green). There are many different jams and jellies and they bring plates with one or two rolls for every person to eat while they wait for their food. If you don’t finish your food, you can get a box and put it in your room’s refrigerator for later, just don’t forget about it. The service was very kind and quick but the food’s cooking and delivering time was a little longer than expected but a possible reason for that would be because there are so many people there. But it was very clean and the food was well prepared nonetheless.
In your rooms, there is a ticket for breakfast. You can order fruits, cereals, pastries, coffee, juices, eggs, and full breakfast meals. Pick the time you want them to deliver and they’ll ring up your room to wake you up when the food is on its way up. They bring in the food, expand the table and leave if there is nothing more to do. The food is excellently prepared and they didn’t forget anything. Once you finish, put all dishes and cups on the table and push in into the hallway. It was picked up rather quickly after.
In conclusion, the hotel in itself was a lovely place to stay whether alone or with friends or lovers. It’s food and service was great and I would definitely go back again. Every room was cleaned so well it looked brand new and untouched. There is plenty to do and there is an easy to access TRAX station next to the hotel to explore the downtown area. Whether it’s the food, the rooms, the pool, or the people I was with, I will definitely be coming back to the Little American Hotel.

“Physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines, and its main goal is to understand how the universe behaves.

Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines and, through its inclusion of astronomy perhaps the oldest.” This definition is from Wikipedia and you can be honest, you might not have read all that. But physics is more wonderful than it’s definition.

Did you know that black holes aren’t really black, or the faster you move the heavier you get? Black holes are dark but they glow, and Usain Bolt is technically the heaviest man in the world. The world of physics (not to be confused with the actual world) is great but yet there is still so much to discovered and learned. And the people who teach it are just as great as physics is in itself.

David Morrill, a physics teacher at Jordan high, helps teach students about physics. He teaches 3 classes: physics, physics AP, and Honors physics. Physics is open to all grades and honors physics is the next step up, but his classes are typically juniors and seniors.

He has taught at JHS for about 29 years If you take a class of his, not only will you have fun, he’ll help you “..understand the world of science that explains the way the world works.” His intriguing lessons and his fascinating experiments will never make class boring and he is very chill about his class rules.

Pay attention, take notes, do the book work and try on your tests. It’s easy. Morrill teaches in a way for everyone to understand and plays nice jokes on his students and you can catch him throwing around a ball with his students while he teaches. And he’ll never make fun of your weight. If you’re a great class, he’ll finish his lessons early and let you chat with friend and be on your phone at the end of class. You can eat and drink there too as long as it isn’t distracting you from class work.

Some days, there might not be a lot of students who show up or Mr. Morrill is just tired, so you’ll spend the time watching a N.O.V.A., an American television show that explains and televises real scientists and their work. The stories themselves are interesting and he doesn’t make you take a lot of notes either. It’s one of the best days you’ll have in physics.

If you study physics in college, you would typically end up in the military or the government. Mr. Morrill was planning on going into a military branch but that changed. In college during his senior year, Morrill was asked to teach a freshman class. It was around that time he learned he actually liked to teach. He liked the students and he was already able to teach his favorite subject. So he took a few more years of college, got  teaching degree and began his career.

He started teaching at JHS at around 30 and before then, taught in a K12 school with his wife up in Montana. She taught the younger children while Morrill taught the older, high school aged kids.

A little over four years ago, Jody Morrill, his wife passed away on December 14, 2014 from a late stage of alzheimer’s. Because of his wife’s passing, returning to work was one of the hardest things he had to do.

When he did come back to school, he credited the kindness and understanding of his students for keeping him hanging on. He has never had a problem with and his students generally like him and during his time of loss, he felt cared for by his students. That kept him going.

On a lighter note, take physics. As a teacher, Morrill loves his job and he loves being able to teach kids and he loves the interaction. He wants to be able to “change something” in every student and help them understand the world of physics. In all of his units including mechanics, heat, light, color and even more, you won’t be disappointed. Every one of his lessons, labs and demonstrations are better than the last.

Take physics with Morrill while you can, he’s planning on retiring in 7-8 years so take the best science of high school now, take physics.

People power. We are the people and we have the power. We have the power to change, to fight, and to make a difference in the world. In our world, our dying world, we have roughly between 10-12 years to change what mistakes we have made.

Every year, 14 billion pounds of waste is dumped into the ocean and 2.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide is released into the air every second. Carbon dioxides main purpose in the atmosphere is to help control the earth’s temperature but with too much CO2 in the air, it causes global warming.

Global warming is the process of heating the earth and its oceans and atmosphere. Climate change is global warming with the effects like melting ice caps, intense weather, rising sea levels and so on. The industrial revolution was a big factor in CO2 creation and over the years, our technological advancements have made more waste and emissions than needed. If we don’t minimize our consumption and waste production, we could dig our own grave in a messy world. We need to make a change and now. Even if you’re a single, small independent person, you can help save our earth.

Factories and the auto industries are by far some of the biggest pollution contributors, many companies are in it to make the money, not save the planet. But some companies today are starting to make steps toward a more eco friendly production and some places have already begun the journey such as IKEA whose products are made of 60% renewable materials and 10% recycled materials. Nike, a multinational corporation, is starting off with some positive changes by using organic and recycled polyester and cotton and is beginning to reduce waste production but still has a ways to go. You can choose to endorse these products but please read and do your research on how good these products are for the environment.

Other companies that are eco-friendly or are making steps to get there are: Ford, Disney, Hewlett-Packard, Starbucks, Ebay and many more. Not all of these companies are entirely eco-friendly but they are making their way there fast.

There are other things you as a person can do. There are actually many things you can do to help. We can start with food and dietary changes.

In the US alone, americans waste $165 billion dollars of food each year. It is estimated that in 2018 people were expected to eat 222.2 lbs of red meat that year. The top 3 farm products of the US are typically cows/calves, corn, and dairy products. Roughly 41% of US lands are used to feed and raise livestock. Livestock emits about 7% of greenhouse gases by manure and a few other options. By cutting back or eliminating red meats from our daily consumption we are not only making our bodies healthier, we are helping the environment so choosing a different source of protein is beneficial for everyone in the long run.

Becoming vegan may be a bit of a stretch and it is definitely expensive but starting with a flexitarian diet, trying to eat more fruits, veggies and other non meat products first, minimizing the consumption of processed food and meats.

Other options are pescatarian (vegetarians who consume fish), and vegetarian (no red or white meat but still consumes dairy and eggs and non animal products) but a good start to get there is just by cutting out or minimizing meat products, whether it be just red and/or white.

You can also minimize using your car to go places. I understand adults need it to get to work and get groceries and such but as a student or teen, carpooling or public transit is a slightly better option. If even that. You could walk or bike or consider getting an electric car.

Some of these things are more than costly than basic options but in the long run, it would be better in the long run. Along those lines, try to minimize waste. Recycle your papers, plastics and glass (in the right places of course). Buy some reusable shopping bags instead of 15 little plastic ones, rely more on reusable not disposable things, buy a worthy reusable water bottle instead of multiple plastic ones, try consuming less processed foods and visit a farmers market, and maybe try using things till they can’t be used or find new uses.

There are so many options but because you’re too lazy and arrogant, if you don’t try helping make our world better, we might not have a world soon.

On March 15, I had the ability to walk out. I didn’t show up to school that day and by 9:30 I was down at Utah’s state capitol with 3 other friend and we stood on the steps of the capitol building and protested. We chanted, we screamed and we listened. We had speakers come up and speak to all of us, reading poems or telling their own experience but every time it was so clear, we need to band together against the man and fix our life for a better future. The speakers and mic was all being powered by us. In between every speaker, a group of people would go up to the front and switch places with the people that were already up there, biking. That’s right, people were biking to produce energy instead of using electricity. There were so many inspirational speakers we listened to and after the scheduled speakers they allowed anyone to come up and talk and say what they wanted concerning the topic. Even a little 3 year old child went up and said something.

Anyone of any race, age, gender, anything was allowed to speak because they live here too and it’s our time to speak out and fight before it’s too late.

I want people to realize, young or old, that we have beautiful lives that are worth living but if this world is gone, there is nowhere to live it out on. We only have one earth and anyone can make the difference.

Work with us to change, work with us to fight back against the power, work to keep make our world as beautiful as it once was. Don’t listen to the people who say climate change isn’t real because it is and it’s affecting everything on this planet. Don’t listen to those old people who say it doesn’t matter because if they die, we are the ones who are left. We are the ones who will be stuck with a dying world. And for anyone who says they don’t care about it, you or your kids and anything you have that you care about will all be gone.

Maybe if we all die we could give this planet a chance to revive itself but until we are all dead, you better fight your hardest for this damn world that gave you life, that gave you all you have and all you are. So start giving a damn and get up and fight.

Whether or not you live in Utah or some place else, you should check out downtown Salt Lake. To be quite honest, it’s one of the most lively places of utah. There is something for everyone of any religion, race, gender, basically anything. To get there,  if you’re somewhat close by you can hop on the TRAX bus or train and ride around to get anywhere downtown. If not then it’s a simple car ride too. Take some friends along and make it a day, there’s plenty to do.

If you are into shopping, there are plenty of stores and malls to choose from. City creek center, one of the malls, has all the mainstream stores like Zumiez, Forever 21, claires, a disney store, and many more. There is a fairly large glass overpass that allows you to walk over main street and cross into the other half of the mall that’s filled with more stores and shops and dining areas alike. Inside in the 1st level, there is a continuous little stream of water with fish, and plenty of birds get in the building sometimes too. You can sit on the benches near the water and watch the fish or you can just sit and read off of your phone. And if you’re lucky, maybe your favorite store there or around there could be hiring and you can definitely apply. And when you’re on your lunch break or just hungry in general, there’s a food court full of options.

Another place worth checking out is the gateway “mall”. On their website they say the following: “The Gateway isn’t a mall. It’s Salt Lake City’s downtown destination for shopping and dining, entertainment, community-driven events, urban living, and creative office space” but in a way similar to any mall, there are many stores, some mainstream, some not. It’s more along the lines of an outdoor mall or even a stripmall.

They have places like Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, GameStop, Sprint, etc. and you can go window shopping for most of the day too. There’s so much to do, check
out, watch, and eat.  If you aren’t super into shopping there’s other things you can definitely do. The Utah Film Center. They screen movies, create workshops and have plenty of other special activities on their calendar. At the time of me writing this, on May 3 there is going to be a Napoleon Dynamite 15th anniversary where several members of the cast are coming to celebrate and reunited. Tickets are $50+ but all the proceeds go towards helping the film center itself. But if that isn’t your cup of tea there is a Megaplex at the gateway if you want more mainstream movies.

If none of these are working for you maybe check out the Clark Planetarium. It is near/in the Gateway but is so fun and important that it deserves to be discussed. This is a lovely science/entertainment opportunity, they have interactive exhibits, shows, talks and many other things. A personal favorite is the laser shows. At the end of the week usually on Friday or Saturday, the planetarium hosts light shows in the dome. My personal interest peaks at the Dark Side of the Moon- Pink Floyd show but they have
Led Zepplin and other rock bands. Lay inside the dome and watch the beautiful display of lasers. If you are prone to epileptic seizures, I do not recommend this to you in particular but there are so many other things to do there for all ages.

If these still don’t interest you, just go explore. Walk around. Find a cool shop or an abandoned building (do not enter.. If you do, don’t get caught). On the abandoned places side of things, it is considered trespassing because almost always, the property is owned by someone so just be wary and never say that i gave you the idea. But nonetheless, wander the streets and count the trees you see or walk around near the buildings and find a shop that looks interesting. Go inside and check it out.

In conclusion, there are many things to do in Salt Lake City, and pretty much all of it is legal. Go check out the city creek center or the planetarium. Check out everything I’ve told you about. Go into ever store that’s open. There are so many different things to check out and do that you’ll almost always enjoy yourself.

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