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Marvel is well known for their popular films featuring famous superheroes and jam-packed action scenes. This year, they’ve released movies such as Avengers: Infinity Wars and Black Panther which have been well-received by many fans. In the beginning of October, they released their most recent project, Venom which at first, appeared to show as much promise as their previous works. I, and many other Marvel fans, however, can agree that the movie was not as great as it was hyped up to be.

Venom is about a man name Eddie Brock who gets infected by an alien, named Venom,  that uses his body to stay alive. Together, the two of them fight and take down scientists that were studying Venom’s species which was trying to take over the world.

Altogether, the plot was easy to follow but some parts dragged on longer than necessary. The main character in the movie lacked depth and the actor that played him didn’t express much emotion, making it boring to see him go through the events that took place. All of the supporting characters had similar dispositions and their plain attitudes made it feel like the movie was going on forever. The actors chosen were not cut out for their roles and could have been replaced with other people who were more fit for the work.

Like all Marvel movies, Venom had a lot of action scenes which turned out to be the only interesting part of the movie. The CGI was very good, as is expected with a large budget, but
that appeared to be where all the funding for Venom went. Everything else felt thrown in to make it more exciting without wasting expenses. I would not recommend seeing Venom as it is a disappointment in the wake of such great Marvel films. It had a lot of potential but ultimately did not fill the shoes of the high expectations of Marvel films.

Christmas time is my least favorite time of year. The repetitive songs and the
overbearing decorations everywhere are enough to drive anyone crazy. The second October is
over, any thought of Halloween or Thanksgiving is forgotten and is immediately replaced with Christmas everything. It’s almost as if everyone has forgotten to relax and savor the whole holiday season. Any other event is but a footnote to Christmas, the finale of the year. Even New Year’s Eve is not seen as being as important as Christmas despite it being an entire day
dedicated to celebrating the end of the year.
Holidays from other religions, like Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are lost in the Christmas rush
as well. The intense public fixation on Christmas makes people forget that there are other cultural identities and other ways that the holidays are celebrated. This narrow viewpoint on one holiday does not accurately represent the diverse cultures of America. It makes the entire winter season seem so monotone because of the lack of representation of anything that is not related with a major Christian holiday.
The funny thing is, despite the fact that Christmas is the main focus of the holiday
season, the actual idea and essence of Christmas has been completely washed away. All
anyone cares about is the gift aspect of it. All of the commercialization has drowned the true meaning of Christmas.
Everywhere you look, there are advertisements enticing people everywhere to take advantage of the deals for the Christmas season. From billboards, to the radio, and to the TV, there is no escape from the pressing reminder that Christmas is coming.
It is suffocating to constantly be surrounded by the Christmas spirit. It starts months before it really should and does not cease until the actual Christmas day has come and gone.
People will find any excuse to start celebrating it as soon as humanly possible, with relentless christmas music that always seems to be stuck in your head and decorations on every surface.
They say that the definition of insanity is to do something over and over again. It’s not
hard to say that Christmas has earned this description after the endless and repetitive
Christmas ideology that is shoved down our throats without fail each and every year. It feels like it will never end. Hopefully someday it will.
Spring break is one of the most anticipated breaks of the school year. It is the time when students and their families have a chance to let loose and relax before getting through the last few months of school. There are a lot of people that don’t know what to do with their time off though, so here are some suggestions on how to make the most out of spring break.
One of the most obvious things you could do in Utah is go hiking. With the weather warming up, the cool clean air in the mountains is very refreshing and makes you feel rejuvenated. Getting out into nature can help those who suffer from seasonal depression feel brighter and happier as the seasons change. It can also help anyone who hates the snow and the bitter cold Utah winter feel better about living in a place that can have pretty uncomfortable weather. 
If hiking doesn’t suit your taste, a road trip might be better for you. There are plenty of places near and far (within driving distance of course) that offer a fresh and different experience from the Salt Lake valley. St. George, for example, is a popular destination during spring break because of its distance from everyday life in the Salt Lake valley and its’ enticing views of red rocks and desert skies. It’s the perfect balance of staying near home but being far away enough that you can say you’re on vacation.
Something to do that is closer to home is exploring new restaurants in the city. There is a large variety of places to eat downtown that cater to many different eating preferences and tastes.
It never hurts to try something new and, if you’re lucky, you’ll find a new favorite place to eat at! What could be better than that? A classic thing to do as the weather warms up is to go to a drive-in movie. There is nothing better than packing some snacks and blankets and getting with your friends to watch
something on a very big screen from the comfort of your car. We’re lucky to have such a place in
West Jordan where you can get a ticket for two movie showings and spend your night watching
newer movies with your favorite people.
Last but not least, one of my favorite places to go during spring break is the Red Butte garden up on the University of Utah campus. As the weather becomes warmer, all the flowers and plants that make up the garden come into bloom and make the surrounding area smell very fresh. It’s relaxing to take a nice stroll on the garden paths and admire the new life coming into being.
Even when it seems like there’s nothing to do on break, it’s guaranteed that there is something that will make your vacation time less boring. There always is.
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