Pharoah “Malik” Davis
Pharoah “Malik” Davis is currently attending Jordan High School as a senior. Jordan is the home of the Beetdiggers, but the past 4 years, it has been home to THE Pharoah “Malik” Davis. He is a participant in the school paper, in which he had no intention of joining, until told that he was in on it by signing up for a journalism class, typical Pharoah. This man is a lot more than a typical kind hearted, brilliant brained person, he is also, a jock. Typically a jock isn’t supposed to be smart, or nice, but he is. Pharoah helped rewrite the definition of Jock, by making it a statement, that jocks do more than just stink up socks. They win games as much as the ladies hearts. Pharoah participates in Football, Wresting, and Track and Field. That is basically the life of this oh so majestic one, living life in the middle because he’s afraid of heights and avoids the edge.

Pharoah Davis, Writer

Apr 18, 2017
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