Teeba Jasim

    I usually like to watch scary movies in October.  This time I wanted to change it up a little bit, so I watched a romantic movie.  The movie is called Crazy Rich Asian and it’s an amazing story. Rachel Chu and her boyfriend Nick are going to Nick’s friend wedding in Singapore.  Once they get there Rachel Chu figures that Nick’s family is very rich, and she’s very nervous to meet them for the first time. There she has to deal with jealous socialites, quirky relatives, and Nick’s disapproving mother.  I really like how the movie was something people can relate to. Parents not liking your partner, or how nerve wracking meeting your partner’s parents is. I love the message the movie gave me, it was very sweet and hopeful. There was sad parts to it, and I cried like a little baby.  I really liked how the story was written, the plot of the story was very exciting and it made you keep wanting to watch. I liked how it had a little sadness, comedy, and romance in it. The message the movie personally gave me is to never give up on someone you love. And if someone actually loves you their willing to do whatever it takes to make you two happy.  They won’t leave you, but they’ll get closer to you.  
Overall, it was a really cute movie, even though I cried I still really enjoyed it. It made me feel good inside, and have hope in this world. It’s the the type of movie that I can watch over and over again, and not get bored of it. I enjoyed that movie way to much, and I recommend it big times! You would not regret watching it.  It’s one of the best movies I’ve watched. I walked out of that theater and said, “wow! That was an amazing movie.”


What is laser tag?
Laser tag game played with guns which fire infrared beams. Infrared-sensitive targets are commonly worn by each player and are sometimes integrated within the arena in which the game is played. Since its birth in 1979, with the release of the Star Trek Electronic Phasers toy manufactured by the South Bend Electronics brand of Milton Bradley, laser tag has evolved into both indoor and outdoor styles of play, and may include simulations of combat, role play-style games, or competitive sporting events including tactical configurations and precise game goals.
Laser tag is popular with a wide range of ages. When compared to paintball, laser tag is painless because it uses no physical projectiles, and indoor versions may be considered less physically demanding because most indoor venues prohibit running or roughhousing (Wikipedia).
Did you know there is a laser tag club at our school? Well now you know! Emma Moreno went and told Mr. Cherry she wanted to start a laser tag club and she asked him to be the faculty advisor. Mr. Cherry agreed and said yes. Emma Moreno wanted to start the club because she loved laser tag. She also wanted more people to play with, and have fun. Emma Moreno inspired Mr. Cherry and he said, “her enthusiasm really made me want to help.”
Mr. Cherry is the advisor of the club. The club is in room 2022 (Mr. Cherry’s room). If you’re interested go to Mrs. Cherry and ask when the next meeting is. They meet every month. The meetings usually last 20 minutes and the actual game of laser tag lasts 30-45 minutes each. This is the first year of the club, a lot of people are excited about it because it’s a club where you can have fun and forget your stress. 120 people signed up for they club. At their first meeting in regards to setting up a time for students to meet and play laser tag, they had around 35 students show up. A lot of people enjoy this club and wanted to join.
The club doesn’t have much rules. The rules are, be respectful, don’t take it too seriously, and just have fun. Mr. Cherry tries his best to avoid making it a strict environment, because he wants students to enjoy their time while in the club. You probably haven’t heard of it because they still don’t have any posters. They do plan on making posters soon. Therefore you will hear about it more often. Mr. Cherry himself really enjoys the club and thinks students will enjoy it as well.

Why are DIY presents better?

Well, you’re doing something yourself which means you spent more time thinking of what to make, and how you make it. It takes more effort, and it’s more special than just buying a gift. It’s a very creative idea to express how you feel about a certain person, and how much they mean to you. It’s just more meaningful, and it’s great if you can’t afford a gift. All gifts have are special and we still have to remember to be thankful weather a gift is crafted or not. I have some DIY Christmas presents ideas that I’ll be showing you how to make step by step. However, these aren’t just for Christmas they can be for anything. Since it’s almost Christmas I wanted to make it about Christmas.


1. DIY box of love

You will need a box or container, index cards (as much as you need to fill up your box/container) and a pen to write with.

● First step: You need to write whatever you want the person to know on each index card. For example, you can write memories of each other or what you like about that person.

● Second step: After writing whatever you wanted to write. If you’re a girl you can put kiss prints on every card, or if you’re a guy you can put stickers on each card.

● Third step: You put all the cards in the box and this is optional but if you want add a note on the lid of the box. For example you can say “number of reasons why I love you” or “every moment I spend with you it’s like a beautiful dream come true.”


2.DIY lovers map

You will need a picture frame, a colored paper of your choice, printed copy of where you exactly met on the map, and a printed copy of where you exactly kissed on the map, and glue.

● First step: Cut the colored paper to fit your picture frame.

● Second step: Cut the two map places into hearts.

● Third step: On a separate piece of paper write “we met” and “we kissed.” And cut them out.

● Fourth step: Glue the heart maps on the paper and below the hearts glue the “we met” and “we kissed” cut outs. And put the paper in.


3. DIY special years album

You will need a picture album, some card stock papers of any color, glue, and a pen of your choice.

● First step: Cut the cardstock paper to fit the front cover of your album. And write on the

bottom or top “Our (number of years) year/s.” For example “Our first year.”

● Second step: Cut a heart or two of a different colored cardstock paper, and glue it on the

original paper.

● Third step: Glue the paper on to front of your album cover and fill the album with pictures and memories.


4. DIY magic box of memories

You will need card stock paper, glue, ruler, scissors, pen or pencil, and a small gift (optional).

● First step: Trace lines on the card stock paper. Trace it as if the box is flat down. It’s up to you on how big you want the box.

● Second step: Do the same on another paper of card stock but make sure you make the box 2 inches smaller than the previous box. Repeat this as many times as you want, but each time remember to make the box 2 inches smaller. I would personally repeat this 3-4 times.

● Third step: Use the scissors to trace with the blade over the lines DON’T CUT. Just trace with the edge of the blade. After you trace fold up the papers to make it into a box shape.

● Fourth step: After folding up the sides fold them back down and glue on the pictures.

Make sure you glue each picture on the inside of the box. After gluing fold the sides back up.

● Fifth step: once you fold up all the sides of each box, glue the bottom of the smaller box into the center on the bigger box.

● Sixth step: Now that you have the box ready you have to make a lid for the box. Grab card stock paper and trace it with a ruler to the size of the bottom of your big box. Now do the same you did to the box and trace over the lines with the blade. And fold the sides up. Make sure to glue the corners.

● Seventh step: Now if you don’t have a gift skip this step and just fold up the sides and place the lid on top. However if you do, you need to place the gift in the center of the bottom and fold up the sides.

● Eighth step: You now rap the sides with the string and tie it at the top. You can add decorations to the box such as stickers, more pictures, writings etc.


At the end of the day you spent your time making these and put your effort on it to make it the best it can be. A diy is more special because it’s done from special hands of yours, and that means a lot even if it’s the smallest thing. You have time so you should use it to create and have fun.

     I decided to get my nails done, but I wanted a good place to get them done at.  I did my research and I asked people nearby if they knew a good nail

salon.  People told me about a lot of nail salons, one lady at a store told me she really recommends I go to Groovy, and told me, “I really don’t recommend you go to the one next door, Color My Nail.”  She also added, “they a crappy job.” I did research and found their ratings were 3.5 stars out of 5.  I didn’t think much of it. After a couple of days I decided to go to Color My Nail and get my nails done, I’ve already had made an appointment, I met with a girl named Sam, she was going to do my nails.  She said she’s been doing nails for nine years. Everyone seemed super nice and friendly. The place was super clean and organized. I showed her a picture of the nails I wanted and she said she can do them like how I wanted them.  She was super nice and talkative, which isn’t bad, I don’t mind it. She was doing good until I saw the color she was painting, I had told her earlier I wanted a blush pink. The color she painted, with three coats was see through. However, I didn’t mind it too much.  It took about two hours. She finished and charged me with 45 dollars, I didn’t think it was a lot.

    After that day people started noticing my nails and I did get compliments, but some people pointed out that they weren’t shaped very good.  I started to notice it too and I didn’t like it. I started getting tired of them, because when I have dirt underneath my nails you can see it, and it doesn’t look very attractive.  The nails lasted about a month with me, because I took really good care of them. However I was washing dishes and one of them flew off. I decided I’d take all of them off, they were surprisingly very easy to take off.  I was able to take all of them off but two. Overall, the people were really nice and they had a very clean store, but I personally won’t go back to get my nails done again.

    After breaking my nails I wanted to get new ones as soon as possible.  I didn’t know where to go, but my mom recommended a place called JN Nails.  She said, “I got a pedicure there and they did an amazing job.” Their ratings were 4 out of 5 stars.  I chose to make an appointment and try it out. They had an okay store, it was unorganized a little bit, but the people were very nice there.  The lady working with me has been doing nails for sixteen years. She started doing my nails and she was moving very quick, she had very fast hands.  She did them perfect, she got everything how I wanted to. Right after she finished I really regretted getting my nails done and wasting 45 at Color My Nails.  I fell in love with my amazing nails, even my mom said “they look gorgeous.” JN Nails is a place I totally would go back to.

    Overall, I would totally go back to JN Nails.  I wouldn’t go back to Color My Nails thought.


Wasan Nori, Wasan was born on January 14, 1981. She was born in Baghdad, Iraq.  She was a very happy and active child, yet she was a big trouble maker. Her favorite color was, and still is black.  And she loves to swim. She says, “I’ve always gotten in fights when I was younger.” She used to get in a lot of fights with boys.  However, even though she was a troublemaker she was really good at school. She loved school, and really ended enjoyed her time with friends there.  She says, “I always wanted to be a doctor when I grow up.” But It all started when she turned 13 years old. She was just starting 7th grade, couple of weeks in school.  And she dropped out. She dropped out because she got married to Serwan.

       Where she lives it was very common for girls to get married that young, it was cultural. A year after she got married she had a baby girl named Esraa.  She tried being the best mother she can be, but it was hard because she was a child herself. She says, “if I can go back and change thing, I’d not get married that young.”  She says that because her husband was abusive to her. A year and half past and she got divorced, because family problems occurred, and the abuse she got from her husband. She had to live raising a child she gave birth to that young.  She was very shy to ask for money or anything. For that reason she started working simple things like, cutting hair and styling hair. During that time she had an influence, that was her aunt Fatimah. Fatimah also was a salon lady, and Wasan look up to her and got inspired by her.  She then decided to start practicing more to learn.

       A year later when she was 16, she opened her own salon at home.  And slowly but she started gaining money that didn’t only help her, but help her family as well.  She did all this because she was too shy to ask for money or have her parents take responsibility of her and her baby.   Then when she was 22 years old she got married to a guy she fell in love with named Ali after she got married she had Teeba.  Life was hard with her partner Ali, because he wasn’t working and she was working all by herself. She work at her own home salon, where she did hair, make-up, wax, etc.  While Ali just stayed home. Teeba would be babysat by Wasan’s neighbor every single day. After 7 months she got divorced with Ali. And she kept working at her home salon.  She says, “I really loved my job.” She was working from 7 to 9 every day with one lunch break. She would take at least 30 minutes on someone, but it depends what they’re getting done.  She stated, “even though it was a really hard job, I still really enjoyed it.” Everyone knew her as the independent woman she was. She never depended on others, and she gave a lot to others.  

       Her daughter Esraa got married when she was 16.  Also at a young age, since it’s cultural. A year after her daughter had a baby boy.  She kept working to support her family, especially that her daughter got married and had a child now.  At the time she didn’t have freedom, and at the time her brother Khalid was working with an American business.  One day he decided all of the family would move to America for his work. They thought it was a good idea, since Iraq wasn’t safe.  He travels and after 3 months Wasan, Teeba, and Nadia (one of Wasan’s sisters) travel after them. They start living life in America and they really liked it, but they missed their family back in Iraq.  

       In 2015 they go back to Iraq to visit, they stay there for a year.  While they were there Wasan got married to Amer, they were in love for 9 years.  She described him as a very strict, selfish, mean guy that never gave her freedom.  But she still loved him. While she was there she got pregnant, when she realized she was pregnant she wanted to come back to give birth in America.  When coming back only Wasan and Teeba came back, Nadia wanted to stay with her family. They were supposed to all come after each other, but Wasan’s mom changed her mind and said, “I can’t leave our neighborhood.” When she got here, she had her baby boy, Yazan.  Now she is living and working by herself to support her children, because coming to America was a huge move for her. Her husband Amer is still in Iraq, and she’s waiting for him to come to the U.S. Overall, she says, “I just wish parents don’t have their children get married at a young age.” She also stated, “I want ladies to think using their minds, not their hearts.”

During winter in Utah every place you go to looks a hundred times better because of the snow.

Even if you hate winter you definitely should go and visit these places to see how beautiful they are. In

addition, it’s worth going and spending time alone or either with someone and seeing how pretty it is.

They also are great places to make memories and take awesome pictures. I personally hate Utah but I

can’t lie these places are gorgeous and totally worth the visit

1. Temple Square

This place is absolutely gorgeous. The vibe

you get while walking in is just fabulous. It has really

pretty lights and there is a restaurant called The Roof

in one of the buildings on the tenth floor and you get a

really beautiful view of downtown and it’s really

beautiful. It’s a place that just calms your mind and

reminds you how beautiful the world is.

2. Bambara

This place is so boujee! It’s very beautiful

and fancy. It’s a bit more expensive however it’s

worth it because it’s very pretty and it has a vintage

look to it but still modern. It’s great for instagram

pictures because the seats have a very different and

unusual pattern. And they have gorgeous chandeliers.

I’ve also heard the food is really good their. This is a

place you would want to go to.

3. The Orange Peel

I know the name is strange but the tea is

something you definitely want to try! Boba smoothie

is very different and some people might like it, others

might hate it. If you want to try something new I

recommend going here. They have a variety of

options to pick from. Their prices are very affordable.

Very fast service too!


4. Bryce Canyon National Park





Teeba Jasim

Period: 1st

This is a place where you can go and see the beautiful sunset. It’s also a great place to take

pictures. They have hiking trails, and you can explore the forest of plateau, you can camp. They also

have programs such as astronomy and night sky program or kids program. This place has a lot of things

you can do. A place I would totally recommend.

5. Hale Centre Theatre

I’ve never seen a theater this fancy. It’s a

really big place and is very beautiful. There are a

variety of plays to watch. And their stage is very cool.

The actors are very talented and good at playing

characters. I went there in November and I watched

The Scarlet Pimpernel, I absolutely loved it. The

setup and the whole performance was incredible. I am

looking forward to going back again. You should

check it out because it’s above and beyond.

What is a journalist?

A journalist is a person who collects, writes, or distributes news or other current information to the public. A journalist’s work is called journalism. A journalist can work with general issues or specialize in certain issues (Wikipedia).

Ed Bradley was born June 22, 1941 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When he was only two years old his parents got divorced. Later on he was raised by his mother (Gladys) who worked two jobs. Bradley was able to see his father in the summertime in Detroit. His father (Edward) owned a restaurant and had a vending machine business. His mother enrolled him in a Holy Providence School, it was an all-black Catholic boarding school. Mount Saint Charles Academy is where he attended. He graduated from Saint Thomas More Catholic Boys HIgh School in 1959. And later on graduated with a degree in education from Cheyney State College (now Cheyney University of Pennsylvania) in 1964.

His first job was teaching sixth grade at the William B. Mann Elementary School in Philadelphia. While teaching, he moonlighted at the old WDAS studios on Edgley Drive in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park, working for free, and later for minimum wage. He programmed music, read news, and covered basketball games and other sports.

In 1967 he got a full-time job at CBS-owned New York radio station WDAS. Later on in 1971, he moved to Paris, France. He lived off his saving, but eventually ran out of money and began working as a stringer for CBS News, covering the Paris Peace Talks. In 1972 he transferred to Saigon to cover the Vitamin War. As well he was working in Phnom Penh covering the war in Cambodia. There he was injured by a mortar round, receiving shrapnel wounds to his back and arm.

Bradley worked 26 years on 60 Minutes, he did over 500 stories, covering almost every possible type of news. He also interviewed people such as, Howard Stern, Neil Armstrong, Bill Bradley, Michael Jackson, George Burns, Michael Jordan, as well as conducting the first television interview of Bob Dylan in 20 years. On the show Bradley was known for his style. He was the first male correspondent to regularly wear an earring on the air. 

On January 31 2019, there was a talent show in our school. The talent show included everything from monolog, singing, guitar and drums, to boys dancing in elf costumes. They were all so amazing and brought everyone joy.

First, we had a young girl dance. She was very smooth with her dance movies, and she moved with the rhythm of the song. She had some soft and loving moments. However, she also had striking moments.

Second, we had a couple of singing audience. They were all incredible, but my personal favorite singer was the girl who sang “Rise Up.” Her voice gave me goosebumps and she really had a big voice for a young soul like her.

Third, we had four guys dance in elf costumes. It was nice to throw something goofy in there to spice up the vibe. And they had some good dance moves too. It obviously wasn’t that serious, just all for fun and jokes.

Finally, we had a rock band proform. At the first performance they had a struggle with the cords, it took awhile before they fixed it. However, they really aced it! I will have to say the guy did some singing, but his voice was low and the guitar was a lot louder. I could barely hear him, but that doesn’t affect the amazing performance they had. My favorite was the drums because towards the end of the performance it was very intense.

In conclusion, they all did an amazing job and it was very fun. Now, I cheer you to show off your talents for next year. Go on that stage and own it!

Happiness is the best feeling in the world. To know that you’re happy and okay with what you have and what you don’t have is very important! But we can’t be happy all the time.

And you have to know and deal with that, because it’s life. Life is supposed to hit us hard, and sometimes close a big door in our face, but you need to expect that to happen. It is what it is, and i know it’s hard but we all go through it. No matter how rich or how poor a person is, no one is happy all the time. But I have thing that will open your mind and hopefully make you realize what you haven’t been noticing.

1. Know the meaning of life:

Life is hard, and it’s meant to be that way. It’s like a challenge, a challenge that everyone is a part of. We all make mistakes, and some learn from the first time, however some take longer to realize what they did wrong. You have to know that no one is perfect and everyone is either going through, gone through, or is going to go through what you went through. I will not lie to you life will beat you up and tear you apart, but if you can handle all of that you will eventually get awarded with what you deserve after having to deal with what you dealt with.

2. Understanding yourself:

You need to take time on yourself and know what you’re worth of. If you can take any advice from me take this, “always put yourself first.” Family is important, friends and partners are important, but you’re the most important thing in this world. It’s sad but it’s true, eventually everyone will leave you. Everyone has their day, and so do you. You’re really important!

Know what you’re worthy of, and do all that you can to make yourself feel special. Appreciate the amazing person you are, and make others appreciate it too.

3. Be independent:

Never rely on others, if you want something get it yourself.

Time moves and people change, don’t trust anything/anyone you see. Sometimes you will need help to do a certain thing, but as you get older you would need to be more independent. It’s nice to receive credit for something you did. Take slowly steps on doing things yourself, and needing help is totally fine. However, knowing you accomplished something by yourself is awesome.

4. Find your passion:

Do what makes you happy. Try some new things, maybe you’ll find that you’re really passionate about it. Maybe it’s dance, singing, writing, cooking you never know unless you try. Doing what you like can help you get your mind off things. Forgetting all your problems and enjoying what you like to do.

5. Keep your circle small:

Surround yourself with people that you love and care about. Don’t be around that bring negativity into your life, stay out of trouble.

Try to not stress yourself too much, when stressing talk to someone that you trust and know will listen. Having one real friend is better than having 10 fake friends. All you need is someone that will give you their attention and actually try to help you get through hard times.

In conclusion, there are many ways to be happy. However, these are a good way to start. Remember that every storm has an end, don’t give up on yourself. Make others happy because that will but joy in you too. Always keep a smile on your face because you never know who’s falling in love with it.

Many of you might not know this class, because it’s a new class to the school.

It’s the only elective class that you can’t pick. The only way to get into it is if you take and not get the required score for the reading inventory. The required score to “pass” is 1000. If you get below 1000, than you’re considered to be below your grade level. For example, I’m a 9th grader but I took it and got around 800. I am reading at the level of a 7th grader. I will add it’s a very boring, and quiet class. It’s a class you can’t help but fall asleep in, but you’ll be awakened and told to do work. Don’t do the same mistake as me, actually take your time on it and do the best you can.

I can guarantee you don’t want to be in that class. If you ask me what the class is like I would reply with “it’s like jail because it’s a place you get put into and not leave until you are dismissed.” There isn’t much that you do other than a daily prompt, some book work and read a book or do a reading app.

Studies have shown that the more you read the better you get at it. Read 180 helps your brain a lot, and you might not feel like it does, but every time you read you are improving. And when you take the reading inventory again you’ll see the improvement yourself. Everyone gets a higher score, no matter how low you were.

Read 180 was a very expensive program for the school to start. It cost thousands of dollars, and all was to help those who are struggling. Mr. Chiodo is the teacher of the class, and he is very nice and helpful. He also teaches journalism, a class of his that I also attend. Beside the fact that I think the class is boring, I also have to look at the bright side. I will have to admit, my reading has highly improved. I do wish there was more fun activities in the class other than Read 180 or read a book.

Overall, I would encourage you to try on the Reading Inventory. Don’t just click random buttons, learn from my mistakes. And if you try your best but not pass, it’s alright just work hard in reading class. I know every single one of us is smart. However, some of us try and some of us just don’t try and not care to. If I can do it, you definitely can.

The newest teacher at Jordan High School, now a teacher for a month. Mr. Hyer, the guy that’s always wearing a smile. He was born in Ogden, grew up in Latin, and now living in Lehi.

He’s a 23 year old teacher, that’s still attending college. He goes to Weber State University in Ogden. He has a couple of roommates there. He really enjoys soccer, and for his free time he likes to snowboard.

In college, he first started studying business, but he wanted to help people.

Therefore, he realized studying business was all about money and he wanted to do something involving people. Later on, he started doing communication and people asked him, “what do you do with a communication degree?” He didn’t know what he’d do with it, so he decided to take a career test, and his result was education is the most likely to feel comfortable in. In addition, under education was administration and he had thought about being a principle before.

He will soon graduate in April however he’s already working as a paid teacher.

He took his Spanish minor and turned it into Spanish major and added extra classes to get Spanish teaching, and his direction is to administration. As he’s been studying about education and he’s been in a public school setting he’s seen some a lot of messed up things about it, “I want to be a reformer for education to help change it from the system it is now to something that can perhaps be more productive for the youth of America today.”

On A days he’s a student teacher for the ESL (English Second Language) class. That’s his minor and it’s an endorsement he says “I want to help immigrants and refugees learn English to be successful.” And on B days he teaches Spanish one. Since he replaced Ms. McCloud students weren’t really used to him. And he did feel a kinda new vibe he wasn’t used to it either, and that lasted about a week or two. However, it’s been over a month since he was a teacher, “I feel as of now they are more comfortable with me and they get my style.”

He wants students to not just learn the language of spanish, but he want students to have the respect and understanding of the culture. “A problem that America has is ignorance or just disrespect for people from other cultures because they don’t know how or why they do what they do. They just mark it as weird. I want students in spanish class to gain respects for the hundrands of latinos and hispanic they will run into.” Also he added, “spanish is a very useful language and it’s more popular than english.”

In a few years he sees himself working on his masters degree towards administration and being an administrator. He also really wants to be a motivational speaker. “To be a motivational speaker, I need stories and experience to be able to travel and tell people about me. And I think education is a great place to make a difference and an experience.” He wants to reform education and help change things. “I also want to use the speaking talent that he has to help influence and excite people toward a better different way to do things.”

Look around you, do you see all of those different people? There is currently about 7,714,576,923 people in the world, and four new souls are born every second! I will be talking about three main things that really bother me. I don’t want to come across as biased, I’m simply just sharing my opinion. I will be breaking each topic into paragraphes.

First, I’m very disappointed in a lot of people. I see people just buying so much food, but wasting it by doing dumb challenges with it. For example, the eat it or wear it challenge, or filling a bathtub with a certain food. We were provided with food that can feed three others planets however, there’s approximately 130 people that die each day in yemen, from starvation or diseases. And I’m not judging, it’s your money you do whatever you please to with it. However, if the community provided you for that money you should give some back to your community. There are a lot more people that need money more than you do. Be grateful, some people don’t have a roof to sleep under! And you’re buying such large amounts of food and not sharing. How greedy of you honestly. And you don’t have to give so much, a dollar or a sandwich is better than nothing. I would recommend buying a small portion and if you still have hunger buy more. And please don’t waste it by playing with it or doing dumb things. If you receive, I ask you to give to the people in need please.

Second, I’m tired of seeing people be violent and think it’s cool. I don’t care who you are or how big and tuff you think you are. You’re no better than anyone else. We all are human, and we all are made out of the same thing. You’re not perfect nor you will be! I’m sorry but no one is, all of us are unparalleled. My friend it’s good to have confidence however, there’s a limit to being confident. When you put others down and make them feel less worthy you’re selfish and a fool. In that case it makes me feel that you don’t appreciate yourself, so you put others down to kick up your self esteem. I see bullying everywhere, but a lot of it is at school. School is a place that’s supposed to be a child’s second home. However, I walk in and I hear “She said this.” “Look at him, he looks so dumb.” Or I see people with their phones out laughing and recording a young man getting beat. Really? This is what we’ve came to? It’s very disappointing however, I want you to think before you act. Before you open your mouth and talk about a brother or a sister, I want you to put yourself in their shoes. If you were them and they were you, would you like to have your head down walking in the hallways with people pointing while their mouths judge you? Or pick you up and slam you do the ground and there’s nothing you can do. How would you feel? I know you wouldn’t like it, so what makes it okay to do it to someone else? If you don’t accept something towards yourself, don’t accept it towards others.

Third, people making racist jokes is the most annoying thing ever. Listen if you’re one of those people, you’re not funny at all. People come from so many different beautiful cultures and even if you don’t agree with what they say or believe that doesn’t mean you go against them or make fun of them. You should keep respect no matter what. Also I hate stereotypes, I don’t need to get into that but just people who categories certain people in certain “groups.” If you don’t know anything about a person DON’T assume! Don’t open your mouth if you don’t know or understand a culture. We all are humans, and made of the same things. If everyone acted the same, spoke the same, looked the same the world would be such a boring place. We all have something unique that makes who we are as people. How would you feel if someone came and started shouting read and racist things at you, or just saying it in a “joking” way. You’ll still get offended. So again, think twice before opening your mouth.

In conclusion, there is currently about 7,714,576,923 people in the world, and four new souls are born every second! Respect people and I can guarantee you’ll receive the respect back. And if you don’t receive, KEEP giving respect. Always be the big and better example t0 society. Let your name run in peoples mouth for good, not for bad.

Favian Ramirez is a 9th grader here at Jordan High School. Some of you might know him

however, but did you know that he’s an awesome cowboy? Favian was born and raised here in Sandy

Utah, but his family comes from Jalisco, Mexico. He speaks both english and spanish. His uncle has a

farm in Mantua and he goes there very often to ride the horse and enjoy his time. He also works with his

dad as landscapers. He works saturdays, but in the summer he’s working daily. Some of things they do

include organizing yards, laying new grass, shape bushes, and cut down trees. Pretty impressive for a

fourteen year old boy. Beside being a cowboy and enjoy raising his horse, he loves to go fishing, and

play soccer.

His family currently owns one horse, one pony, two dogs, and 2 chickens. And they look forward

to saving and buying a second horse. In addition, he took his horse on a secret horse racing in Idaho! He

said he trained his horse really well, and no one knows how good he really is. He did it without telling

any other horse racers because he doesn’t want them to see how the horse is trained. I will tell you this,

the horse was very skinny. However, recent pictures shows the horse is ripped! He is so muscular.

However they trained him, they surely did very well.

His grandparents live in Jalisco, Mexico. For this year, he went there for the first time to gather

with his family and enjoy their time together. He said the food there was amazing, but his favorite was

the tacos. He stayed there for approximately two weeks.

Now let’s talk more about Favian as a person. Favian is kind of a shy person, he might seem a bit

closed, but once you talk to him you’ll notice he’s very approachable. He’s such a kind soul and fun to be

around. Also he’s incredible for doing what he does (landscaping, horse racing). Favian loves the color

green because it reminds him of the beautiful nature around him. He feels neutral about school, and his

favorite subject is science. He likes to listen to spanish music but doesn’t have a favorite artist. He also

had awesome cowboy boots that he wears all the time. In addition, he has a even cooler belt! I personally

find his belt really cool and it upsets me that he doesn’t show it off. He basically has the whole cowboy

fit. And plans to start wearing his hat and showing it off next year.

He loves animals, he has a German Shepherd and his name is Capolin. He mentioned, “I’m

obsessed with animals.” In addition to that, he also wants to be a vet when he grows up. His dad told

him stories when he was young and that’s what inspired him to want to be a vet and work with animals.

While being in college, he wants to work and gather money to buy land, and raise animals. He hopes he

can have his own farm to live happily and peacefully on.

In conclusion, Favian is an amazing young soul. Talking to him and learning about him and what

he does made me respect him more than I ever did. Because it takes a powerful spirit to do all that work

as a fourteen year old.

Dubai is city in the United Arab Emirate, it’s know for it’s great marketing and BMW, Lamborghini, and Ferrari police cars and a lot of gold. The Burj Al Arab hotel uses enough gold to cover the Mona Lisa painting 46,265 times.

In addition, Dubai’s artificial Palm Islands use enough sand to fill 2.5 Empire State Buildings. It’s a fascinating place, and it’s a very luxury place so it’s pretty expensive however, it’s worth a visit when you want to treat yourself.

First, Dubai has a historic neighborhood that was built in the year 1787. Al Bastakiya and the Old Fort were mud buildings that were used to defend the city from attack by neighboring tribes. It’s an awesome place to go and get an idea of what was there 232 years ago. In addition, a beautiful place to write about and even take pictures at. It now serves as a history museum.

Second, Burj Al Arab is what they call “a seven star hotel.” It cost 650 million dollars to built! It has a total of 202 rooms and the cost per night can vary, however one guest in a “standard” room is 3,948 dollars per night. It’s a bit too pricey for most of us however, it’s free to take pictures. Also fun fact, Dubai doesn’t have you pay income taxes! It’s a sailboat shaped building and surrounded by a body of water. It has a tennis court on the top and it’s world’s tallest tennis court. Some of the rooms have an aquarium inside, imagine waking up and seeing beautiful fish swimming in front of you. Absolutely a gorgeous place!

Third, Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest skyscraper. It stands at 2,722 in feet to the tip, and it has 163 floors. However, you can only go at 1,820 feet the rest is not open for the world. The entrance tickets to get to the 125th floor is children at the ages 4-12 cost about 27 US dollars and anyone 12 years old and up cost 57 dollars. However, if you want to get to the 148th floor it’ll cost children ages 4-12 100 dollars and ages 12+ 142 dollars. There’s a whole wall of glass for you to look out of and see the amazing view underneath you. And keep in mind that a wall of glass costs 25 to 75 dollars per square foot. Just a wall costs that much, that just makes you wonder how much did the whole building cost? In that case, the building is worth 1.5 billion US dollars. It’s incredible and makes you appreciates it for what it is.

Fourth, the safari desert is beautiful! The sand is so soft and smooth while you ride on the sand dunes. There’s a stop to take sunset pictures and then you head to a traditional-style Bedouin camp, where an Arabic buffet dinner awaits. You also can go sandboarding, quad biking, and stay overnight at the desert! To get in the desert the cost can vary from 50 AED to 350 AED (13-95 USD). Also you can ride camels, and just enjoy the beauty of nature.





Finally, the list of crazy things that Dubai has is continuous. I wanted to highlight the

most incredible things. Such as having a ATM for gold, largest flower garden in the world that

has over 45 million flowers, air conditioned bus stops, and largest shopping mall with 1,200

different stores of many major brands or designers shop at. Also enjoy a drink, even at the

comfort of your home you must obtain a liquor license in Dubai.

In conclusion, Dubai is an amazing place to visit because it’s a fascinating place, and it’s

a very luxury place so it’s pretty expensive however, it’s worth a visit when you want to treat

yourself. And you most definitely don’t have to go to the places I listed, there’s many other

affordable things to do in Dubai. I just wanted to include what Dubai is most known for.

Overall, Dubai is a very welcoming place and absolutely gorgeous. Definitely worth a visit to

get out and explore the beautiful world around you, while you learn about beautiful cultures.

I want to talk about something that is very common nowadays. It’s been going around for years, it isn’t something new, but it’s been more common as the years passed by. That is stealing, I’ve heard so many stories about people that gotten robbed or either robbed someone.

It’s something that really bothers me, and honestly really immature and embarrassing. I understand that someone may not have to money, but there are other ways you can get something for less or for free. For example, if there’s something out of your budget you can ask nicely if you can get it for a little cheaper. Or you can always get free samples from different stores.

First, I want to talk about the different kinds of theft. Motor vehicle theft is the criminal act of stealing or attempting to steal a motor vehicle. Robbery is the crime of taking or attempting to take anything of value by force, threat of force, or by putting the victim in fear.

Shoplifting is the unnoticed theft of goods from an open retail establishment. Embezzlement is the theft of assets (money or property) by a person who has been trusted to keep those assets safe. When a gun, knife or other weapons are used during a theft is called armed robbery. Fraud is stealing that involves convincing the victim to surrender his or her money or property under false pretenses. In addition, In California, it is illegal for a person to buy, receive, conceal, or sell property they know has been stolen in any way.

Second, In 2014, the FBI reported a robbery every 1.6 minutes in the U.S., a burglary every 18.2 seconds, and a larceny-theft (like pickpocketing or purse snatching) every 5.4 seconds. This means there were more than three burglaries every minute, 198 every hour, and 4,608 every day. The cost of property crimes that year was estimated to be worth $14.3 billion.

In utah, the most stolen item is money. In 2015, 911 people stole under $50, 2,211 people stole $50 to $200, and 19,436 people stole over $200. Think about it, that’s 2015’s data and 4 years later I’m positive that these numbers are much higher now.

Third, in Utah a penalty in the amount of the retail price of the merchandise (this penalty can’t exceed $1,000). Also an additional penalty to be set by the court, between $100 and $500.

Theft of property or services valued at less than $500 is a class B misdemeanor in the state of Utah. The punishment for a class B misdemeanor includes imprisonment for a term of no more than six months and a fine of no more than $1,000. Theft of property or services valued at more than $500 but less than $1,500 is a class A misdemeanor. The punishment for a class A misdemeanor. Theft of property or services valued at more than $1,500 but less than $5,000 is a third degree felony includes imprisonment for no more than one year and a fine of no more than $2,500. The punishment for it includes imprisonment for a term of no more than five years and a fine not to exceed $5,000. Theft of property or services valued at more than $5,000 is a second degree felony in Utah.

The punishment includes imprisonment for a term of no more than 15 years and a fine of no more than $10,000.

Now that we’ve discussed the consequences of theft, let’s talk about how you can prevent yourself from attempting to do it. First, you can educate yourself about stealing to understand and keep in mind all the trouble it can cause. Also, you can start looking for places that are hiring and try to get a job. In addition, when you receive money whether from your hard work or family you can save that money to treat yourself with something you’ve been wanting to get.

Another solutions is getting help. If you feel like you aren’t handling the problem very well, you can go to therapy. If you don’t have time or don’t feel comfortable talking to a person face to face, you can try online therapy. Betterhelp is a great free online therapy program, they have real licensed therapists and also online counselors. Again this is a great program if you don’t have transportation, time, money, or confidence to book yourself an appointment at an office.

In conclusion, stealing has been a very common thing for many years. People steal for different reasons, not having the money, doing it because others do it, mental health ect. I don’t and won’t encourage anyone to steal. It’s something that really bothers me, and honestly really immature and embarrassing. In addition, you can ask for help or get the help for yourself. This world has people who would like to help others in need, and places such as shelters. Before you steal, put yourself in place of whoever you’re stealing from. Imagine it if the roles switched and someone was stealing from you, how would you feel?

Technology is getting better and better, and along that our privacy is getting harder to protect. What if I told you there’s a device in you home that might be spying on you? Well, it’s very true and many companies have gotten in trouble for doing this.

First, let’s talk about Alphonso. It’s a software that uses your cell phone microphone to listen to the ads you watch on tv. Basically, it’s using audio signals to listen to you tv and collect viewing data. In return it’s able to pick up advertisements that will personally affect your life and what you might be into. Have you ever notice you can be listening to something or seeing something, or even talking about something and seeing it pop up in ads on your phone? I definitely have had that happen to me. This is called Automatic Content Recognition (ACR).

Currently around 1,000 games use Alphonso, and 200 apps are running the software and are downloadable right now on Android and Google Play. One interesting thing is that Apple’s’ app store doesn’t allow you to search terms such as Alphonso software, like Google Play does.

Therefore, it’s hard to know which apps are using the software and which aren’t. Another crazy thing is that Alphonso is always listening even when the app is closed. And the software is so sensitive that it’s listening to you even when the phone is in your pocket. Now Alphonso says that they’re not listening to you or have any interest in your conversations, they’re just listening for signals from your tv and certain sounds that tell them what program you’re watching.

Then they take that information and sell it to the advertisers. Which seems so wrong to me, also another interesting thing is that a lot of these apps are children games. And children have no worries about their internet safety, who’s listening to them, and who they’re giving their microphone access to.

Now a lot of us have smartphones that can listen to you basically however, now a lot of us have tvs whether you know it or not that are considered smart tvs that are listening to us. A major example is Samsung tvs. In 2015, Samsung got crisidisam it’s always on voice detection privacy policy that stated, “please be aware that if your spoken words include your personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party.” Most Samsung smart tvs require users to press a microphone button before using voice commands, but the mic is always listening is some models. These models have voice recognition known as High Tv, as well as built in microphones and cameras. In addition, other major brands such as LG or Vizio have gotten in trouble for listening to customers information without doing it the proper way. Also, they took that information and sent it to unsecure servers.

A piece of advice I can give you is to read the privacy policy so that you know what you’re getting yourself into. I’ve always looked at the tv and thought of it as a window to the world, that lets you see what’s around you. However, no it’s two sided, you turn it on and it’s looking at you, listening to you, and taking information from you! And that just ruins the experience of watching tv.





Another common device we all have is a computer or laptop. They have little cameras

built in the screens, but a lot of people don’t know that it’s very easy for hackers to hack into the

webcam and access it and see what you’re doing, it’s very scary and a very serious issue. A lot

of people think that they’re good if the camera doesn’t look like it’s hack or there’s no light

flashing. However, these hackers can make it look like it’s not being accessed, so you have no

idea. A simple fix can be covering your camera with a sticky note, or buying a camera cover that

can slide to close the camera whenever you’re not using it. But even if the camera is covered,

they still can hear you. Therefore, if you’re not using the mic just simply turn off the mic. To

not let hackers be able to see or hear any personal information about you.

Finally, let’s’ talk about Amazon Alexa. In the past, Alexa has been hack ot listen and

record everything. There’s this company called CheckMarx, that allows developers to test the

security of their software before releasing it to the public. In 2018, researchers at CheckMarx

demonstrated how Alexa can be hacked to record what it hears. And CheckMarx found out that

it wasn’t only listening but also recording everything it hears. Then, they let Amazon know how

easy it was to hack this system and allow Alexa to start recording conversations. Many of you

are asking how is it legal for these companies to be taking my information without my

permission, spying on me and then selling it? Well, basically you know how when you go to a

website or get an app and make an account on that something will come such as in terms of

conditions or privacy policy. Now most of us don’t have the time or the patience to read through

all of that so we just skip it, say we read it, and click agree and move on. That’s where they’re

explaining what they’re doing with your information but they make it as long and complicated as

possible so it goes right over your head. Many of you are wondering what you can do about it,

and sadly there’s much you can do. It’s a part of living in the modern world, if you want to have

these devices in your house you have to lack security and privacy. It sucks, but the best thing

you can do is take a couple of minutes of your time to read and be aware of who’s able to do

what, and what you’re putting yourself into.

In conclusion, technology is very fascinating. However, sometimes it can get a little

scary to think of who can be behind a screen watching you or listening to you. Technology is

developing by a lot, we have robots that look so similar to humans and can also make facial

expressions and more. Drones delivering thing to houses, DNA hacking, self-driving cars, and

many more. As things develop our minds and understanding must too.

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